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comment spam It is great for us as blogger to receive comments from our readers. We feel like we get an appreciation, feedback from our readers. Moreover if the comment we get is a positive feedback, we feel like we have done a good job in making a post, or share information to them. But be careful of those positive feedback/comments, it might be comment spam that will hurt our content originality in Google's sight.

comment spam

If you are new with blog, maybe you haven't have any idea about what is comment spam. In a short definition, comment spam is random comment which either promoting commercial services, blog or containing short sentences like "cool website", "nice article" in purpose to get links point to the spammer's websites/blog. At the first time, comment spam is done automatically by engine, but as the war against spam increasing, and it's hard for engine to break captcha verification code, therefore comment spam is now done manually by the spammer.

Like i mentioned before, there is a common path of comment spam, such as comment like these:

"Nice info! keep up the good work"

"Cool Websites, enjoy reading"

"Thanks for your information"

Those are the most common comment spam in blogging world, i'm sure that you have experienced that.

comment spam will hurt your page

comment spam

It's true! comment spam will hurt your page. There are several reasons why this thing can happen:

  1. First, by having comment spam, your page will be considered as a copycat page by Google.
    How come?? Because most of comment spam have the same keywords inside it, like : Great info! Great Websites! And there are lot of web page containing all those crappy keywords on their comment section. And if you have many crappy keywords on your comment section like that, your page will be known as a copycat page.
  2. Comment spammer = Bad Neighborhood
    Always and always, spammer always leave a URL/link point to their websites/blog. Because Google is the cleverest search engine in the world, google is able to detect which URL/link is spamming, or not. And all those websites/blog which do spamdexing to other blogs will be blacklisted by google and it's commonly called "Bad Neighborhood" And it's obviously not a good idea for having "bad neighborhood" link on your page.

So what should we do about this? Obviously you have to reject all spam comments either manually or automatically. If you have many readers, and many comments you should install spam comments filter plug in to your blog, but if you just have a few numbers of comments it's better to do it manually.

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InternetHow Blog said...

In Wordpress there are some great tools to fight against spammers. You can enter the spammers Ip and block their comments, you can eneter certain keywords like nice post, great post and etc, and block them. Also, manually review each comment and check each link.

mytheory said...

yes. that kind of tools also available for blogspot user too. But i prefer the manually way one because i haven't have numbers of comments
anyway, thank you internet how blog for commenting every time i update my post, i really appreciate it!

InternetHow Blog said...

That is no problem :) You have some good articles and I actually find some very useful. Wouldn't you consider to buy your own domain and host your blog yourself?

mytheory said...

emm, having own domain and hosting by myself is a good idea. Maybe i will consider it later. :-)

Rose Petal said...

I didn't realise that leaving a comment to say that you enjoyed a post or a blog could be interpreted as spamming! I am a newbie to blogging and have only just started leaving comments on other peoples blogs, and sometimes just a few words of encouragement saying that I enjoyed the post.

mytheory said...

@Rambling Rose Jewels:
leaving short comments like "great info;useful info" or something like that is more like low quality comments. Many blogger hate it although the comment writer do it unpurposely.
Better start to text quality comments now ...

luc said...

that's right
i often get spam

4 example: something like this

time after time n it's random, different ip or maybe proxy, but i think it's not human but machine

but to prevent it im using akismet

Dawn Conklin said...

I never minded the short nice website before as I didn't really think about it as spam as long as no url underneath it. I do get a lot of them with short sentence and check out...url. Those I do not like. I have to go through all the comments and delete some now :( I think that is why I left them I do not have to approve comments before they post and only deleted if short sentence had url, I was trying to keep it nice for people to post. Maybe I should change to where I have to approve first.

Eldy Voon said...

sadly there are no tool yet or feature function at to stop spam ..

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