How to build natural links to your blog

natural link building Link Building play important role on Search Engine Optimization. Thus, link building campaign is a must-to-do task for webmaster to obtain maximum search engine ranking for particular keywords. But, as the time goes by, some major search engine such as Google have been improving their system to be able to determine which links is really natural, or just artificial links. So, there are some things you need to consider about how to make your link building campaign look as natural as possible.

  1. Diversify Anchor Text
    If you have too many backlinks pointing to your page and it has only 1 anchor text such as "All Blogging Tips" it will attract Google attention and your websites/ blog will get penalized by Google. The best method to avoid this, is to vary your anchor text. Try to diversify your anchor text when you leave backlinks on other sites, like what i do : All Blogging Tips, mytheory, Blogging Strategies, SEO and Adsense
  2. Deep linking is necessary
    It's a bad idea to have all your backlinks point only to your homepage. It's obviously strange for search engine, try to not only focus on your homepage, try to leave backlinks that point to your inner page.
  3. Continually and Gradually
    Basically google update your backlinks data daily, but only update the actual Page Rank of your blog every x months (only google knows it :) ). So it will be great if you keep on building backlink everyday. Your backlink data will added gradually, and that's what google loves.

Those 3 steps is my thought that i have known from many great webmasters out there. I just summarize it for you so you can make your link building look natural. Besides those 3 steps above, it is always best to make great, useful, interesting content that will naturally attracts backlinks from other.

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InternetHowBlog said...

You should also mention that, when building link refrain from link building schemes, such as joining link exchange networks, buying or exchanging links with site that are not related to yours, etc.

download software said...

i think that the fastest way to reach first page in google search for a keyword is to achieve as many IBL as you can, and also verry important....the anchor text of the IBL must contain at least one relevant keyword of yout site!

mytheory said...

well, i don't advice anyone to join any link exchange networks or even buy links. Because if we can't control it (too many/excessive) we will get penalized by Google. and also, there are many aspect we need to consider when we exchange link with other websites such as the trustworthiness of that websites and many others.

@download software:
i'm not fully agree with you, too many backlink with same keywords it will raise red flag to the google boy. Your page will be sandboxed.

Packing Supplies | Packaging Supplier said...

Niche post, your all points very nice. I feel it is informative and evocative too.


nathan said...

Why would it attract google's attention when you only use one anchor text? I don't get it.

mytheory said...

if you only use one anchor text excessively (more than 20 links with the same anchor text per day) google will consider that you do comment spam. And it's very bad for your search engine ranking.

Rambling Rose Jewels said...

How do you leave anchor text on another site? I know how to do it in a blog post on my site to refer to another of my posts.

Also, would it increase ranking by anchor texting within my own blog?

mytheory said...

@Rambling Rose Jewels:
Maybe you misunderstood about anchor text concept. What you have done with your comment is called anchor text too! Make your own anchor text is simply by write your keywords on Name section on comment box. And the good news is it does increase your search engine ranking.

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