Faster your Startup!

Fed up with your time-consuming PC-startup times? Well, previously in my blog i have review about startup blaster, a software which can optimize your startup time, But, I got another simple tips that can optimize your PC startup time, this time i tell you how to do it using msconfig :

First, click Start Button,and click Run,(you can use Windows key+R for instant)

Next, on the textbox appeared, type msconfig.

Then, you'll see a medium-sized dialogue box, this called msconfig box, the 'room' which your startup setting is controlled.

you should select Startup Tab on the top-right pane;to faster your startup time,you should click the 'Disable All' Button

And you'll see that the Startup item on the list are all unchecked, it means that no program will be executed in your next PC startup,but some system file must be executed when startup,usually antivirus system.

Click OK

Restart your computer to see the result.


Speed Up your Firefox PartII

Today on ezpctips , I will give you the second article about how to significantly speed up your Firefox. If in the previous article I had taught you about how to speed up your Firefox PartI (haven't read? click here), today, I will give you another tips, that will significantly speed up your firefox.

Okay, no need to waste your time..
Do you know what is extension and 'plug in' on web browser jargons? well, based on plug in is A hardware or software module that adds a specific feature or service to a larger system. The idea is that the new component simply plugs in to the existing system. So, you can see clearly that plug in working with the system of your web browser. It means : more plug in or extension as well, more harder for your system to open a page on your web browser. So it is necessary to limit the number of plug in and extension you running on firefox.

To disable some junk extension and plug in on your firefox;
On firefox toolbar, click Tools or you can use Alt+T shortcut to open it, and then select Add-ons.
Once, you'll see a box that contain a numerous plugins and extension running on your sy
stem, To disable some of them, select one of the plugins, and click disable button, My tips is just disable some plugins or extension which you rare use or maybe you don't knowwhat is it for.
After you done, restart your firefox or just simply close your firefox and open it.

You will feel the difference after you applicate this tips. Thanks..

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Maximise your Chrome Performance with Benchmark Suite

Today on ezpctips is telling you how to speed up your google chrome with benchmark suites. In the previous article I have written you about Easy Trick to Speed Up your Google Chrome with a lot of start up switches. But if you want to try the benchmark suites, here it goes:

First, i will explain you a little bit more about benchmark suites.
A benchmark suite is a collection of benchmarks, being a benchmark a test or set of
tests used to compare the performance of alternative tools or techniques [1].
A benchmark definition must include the following:
– The context of the benchmark, namely, which tools and which of their characteris-
tics are measured with it.
The benchmark suite does not cover all JavaScript features, which means the performance improvement you will experience with your own applications might be different from that indicated by the benchmarks. For example, if your application does a lot of evaluating regular expressions, you might not see much performance improvement, as V8 uses an external library similar in performance to other engines to deal with regular expressions.

Please also keep in mind that the benchmarks reflect pure JavaScript performance while web applications running in a web browser have tasks other than JavaScript to contend with, such as: waiting for a network connection, manipulating the Document Object Model and rendering pages.

Running the Benchmarks with V8 Standalone

To run the benchmarks with V8 as a standalone JavaScript engine follow the steps below:

  1. Check the prerequisites.
  2. Download V8.
  3. Make sure you are in the directory to which V8 was downloaded then build the V8 shell by typing the following at the command line:
    scons sample=shell
  4. Save the benchmarks to your local disk: right-click the following link then:
    - on Google Chrome or Firefox select Save link as... and save the file to the directory in which V8 was built.
    - on Internet Explorer select Save Target As... and save the file to the directory in which V8 was built.
  5. Unzip the file.
  6. Execute run.js using the V8 shell as follows:
    - on Linux or Mac type ./shell run.js
    - on Windows type shell run.js
  7. The benchmarks are run. The final score is displayed on completion of the benchmarks. This is computed as described above. Scores are not comparable across benchmark suite versions and higher scores means better performance: Bigger is better!
The benchmarks are described in the V8 Benchmark Suite page.

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Windows 7 Beta 1 available for download

The constant wave of Windows 7 Beta chatter from Redmond, even without an official confirmation from Microsoft, is a clear indication that the company is gearing up to move the next iteration of the Windows client beyond the development milestone (M) stages.

With the Windows 7 roadshow approaching at a fast pace, as Microsoft is getting closer and closer to events such as the Professional Developer Conference 2008 (October), Windows Hardware Engineering Conference 2008 (November) and TechEd 2008 EMEA (November), the first Beta build of the operating system is starting to take contour. Still, Windows 7 Beta 1 will not make it to the October and November conferences, as it is planned for availability in mid-December 2008.

Microsoft has failed to either confirm or deny this piece of information at this point in time, but according to Mary Jo Foley, citing unnamed sources, Windows 7 beta 1 will drop just ahead of Christmas 2008. On Vista WinHEC 2008 homepage, Microsoft is claiming that Windows 7 “is coming soon” but doesn't give any indication of the actual deadline, although it is rushing hardware manufacturers to get ready for the operating system.

The Redmond giant released the first taste of Windows 7 back in December 2007. At that time, Milestone 1 was virtually indistinguishable from Windows Vista. Moving forward into the development process, the Redmond company has also produced a Milestone 2 Build of Windows 7, which was kept tight under wraps and wasn't leaked like M1. The next move as far as the evolution of Windows 7 is concerned is a Milestone 3 release, which in its turn will be followed by the first Beta build of the platform. One thing is for sure, under the leadership of Steven Sinofsky, Senior Vice President, Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, Windows 7 will have a short Beta life, approximately a year. Microsoft is reportedly not preparing a wide release of Windows 7 Beta until the client is either feature-complete or very close to the final version.

Download: Windows 7 public beta Official download links

Mirrors: Windows 7 Beta 1 Build 7000 HERE

Windows 7 themes for Windows XP

Sure, we don't actually have any real idea what Windows 7 will look like. But if you believe the screenshots floating around the web, the next version of Windows will look an awful lot like Vista.

clip_image001by Brad Linder


Sure, we don't actually have any real idea what Windows 7 will look like. But if you believe the screenshots floating around the web, the next version of Windows will look an awful lot like Vista. With a few new effects. And so when the folks at DeviantART decided to put together a few Windows 7 themes for Windows XP, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the themes look and feel a lot like Windows Vista.
That said, they're much prettier than the default themes available for Windows XP. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't make it easy to install third party themes for Windows XP. Officially you're pretty much stuck with Windows XP, Windows Classic, and a Microsoft Zune theme. So the first thing you need to do to install a third party theme is to install a program called UxTheme Patcher.
If you're running Windows XP SP2 or earlier, you can download a Windows 7 theme and UxTheme Patcher in one fell swoop at MegaLeecher. Just unzip the file and click the multi-patcher file in the UX Theme Patcher Folder and then click the Windows 7 M1 VS.msstyles file in the Windows 7 M1 VS subfolder in the Themes folder.
But the included UxTheme Patcher isn't compatible with Windows XP SP3. So if you have SP3 installed, you'll need to download and install a patcher from another location. Once you've done that and rebooted your system, you should be able to install third party themes like the Windows 7 theme. Just don't expect it to look like much other than a Windows Vista theme.
What are some of your favorite third party themes for Windows XP? Let us know in the comments.
[via Life Rocks 2.0 and Shell Extension City]


Activate Incognito or Private Browsing Mode in Firefox

There has been so much hype over the “Incognito” (or Private Browsing) mode of Google Chrome / Microsoft IE8, with many internet users screaming Hallelujah. But I don’t understand what the hoopla is all about. This mode has always been there in Mozilla Firefox as well. You just need to devote less than one minute (yes, you read that right, less than one minute) to set it up.Here it is.....

Step 1.) Run the following command to start the firefox profile manager.(In Linux, press Alt+F2 and in Windows, press Win+R to bring up the run dialogue box)

Type the following
firefox -ProfileManager

Step 2.) Press “Create Profile” and enter “Incognito” (or a name of your choice) as your new profile name and press “Finish”.

Step 3.) Select “Incognito” profile and press “Start Firefox”.

Step 4.) In the Options...
* Uncheck “Keep my history”
* Uncheck “Remember what I enter in forms and the search bar”
* Uncheck “Remember what I’ve downloaded”
* Choose “Keep until I close firefox” for cookies
* Press advanced settings in “Private Data”, select unselect options according to your choice. For max protection, select everything.
* Open a new tab, and write “about:config” (without quotes) in address bar, press enter.
* Search for “browser.cache.disk.enable” and set it to false
* Search for “browser.cache.offline.enable” and set it to false

Step 5.)Create a shortcut for Incognito mode of Firefox by right clicking on desktop and creating new shortcut under New category and giving the following path name
firefox -P Incognito -no-remote

Step 6.) (optional)You can truly make it Incognito by changing the folder icon to be transparent.....
Right click on the shortcut and in change icon category....browse for transparent folder in the following path.....It is in 7th coloumn


All these steps need to be done only once

Voila, It's done!!
No more fear of having URL's and caches of MB,XB and all the naughty websites
Right now I am Incognito

Thanks to

Speed Up LimeWire with Limeware Turbo Accelerator

Maybe some of you who have download Limewire from this blog feel that the performance of Limeware is not too comfortable and speedy, especially when you try to download many mp3 with it. So, I give you the answer for your pain, that is Limewire Turbo Accelerator which you can download on this blog.

LimeWire Turbo Accelerator is a tool for LimeWire file sharing application, created to solve problems like: slow downloads and disconnections, traffic congestion, improving download speed and reliability, doing so by several methods to achieve 200% to 400% faster downloads, according to our tests, user and website reviews.

Various features of the program are detailed bellow. Interface is beautiful and user-friendly

Here are some key features of "LimeWire Turbo Accelerator":

· Interface is pleasant and very easy to use;
· Automatically clears downloaded and wrong files;
· Operable by system tray icon for quicker and easier use;
· Automatically resumes paused downloads;
· Automatically searches for more sources at user-specified intervals;
· Saves configurations from last run and auto loads on start-up.

· LimeWire installed


· nag screen
· some features are disabled

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Performance enhancements and some bug fixes. Now including the Security Toolbar for free.

Reasons why this program is marked as adware:

· Offers to download or install software or components (Free Security Toolbar) that the program does not require to fully function

Download Limewire Turbo Accelerator here

Download Limewire Turbo 5.5.6


How to Make Read More On New Blogger

This is very first time that ezpctips write article about blogging tips. But don't be worry,, this tips is realy reliable and this tips is taken from my own experience in making ezpctips blog.

Today tips is about how to make read more on new blogger. Honestly, this tips is rather easy, but it needs a lot of accuracy while you are doing the job.
Okay, no need to waste your time, here is the procedure.

First, you have to log in your blog platform which is
Enter to your Blog Setting and go to Layout tabs and select HTML Edit below the Layout tabs. And don't forget to click 'Expand Template Widget'
Then, you need to find this text:
If you have found it, copy this text below,and paste it below the line above(]]></b:skin>)
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

span.fullpost {display:inline;}
span.fullpost {display:none;}

So it should look like this:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

span.fullpost {display:inline;}
span.fullpost {display:none;}

Next, you have to find this kind of text:

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>

Find it, and copy the text below,
<div class='post-body'>

<a expr:href='data:post.url'>&#39;Read More......&#39;</a>


So, it should look like this:
<div class='post-header-line-1'/>
<div class='post-body'>



<a expr:href='data:post.url'>&#39;Read More......&#39;</a>


Then, Save your template by click Save Template Button

You are almost done now, but you have to make some change on your posting template.

Click Posting, and switch it to HTML Mode.

Copy this:

<span class="fullpost">


And finally save it.

Note, everytime you want to compose a new posting, you should type it on HTML Mode on your blog posting setting, remember: type the Beggining sentence of your posting you want to appear before the code:<span class="fullpost"> and type the extension sentence after <span class="fullpost"> and before </span>.



Easy Download MP3,VideoTips

Today tips shared in ezpctips is about easy download mp3,video files,or any executable programs on internet.
Maybe some of you are confused when you didn't find any related music files you were going to download when you do some search on many Search Engine.

Moreover, it's not that easy to find free mp3 download over internet. Therefore you should try Lime Wire Turbo 5.5.6 to solve your problems. You can download it for free on this blog.

As I told you in the previous post. Lime Wire is the fastest p2p file sharing over internet. It helps you to find any mp3, video,image,program,and also documents related with your keyword you type on the Search box. This is the main advantage of using Limewire Turbo than using the search engine to find any related music files.

Limewire has a simple interface so all beginners hopefully able to run this program and feel the vibe.
First,when you have already installed the program on your system, it automatically asked you to choose what internet connection you have, it helps you to give the most effective way of downloading. And then you'll see a simple interface given. Look at the left side/pane, select the search type determines what kind of file you are about to download. After you select one of them, type the keyword, or title of files you want to download, and don't forget to click Search button.
Next, in the right pane you'll see a queue of many files there, if you have found the file you want to download you can click Stop Search button. And pick one or more file you want to download, select them and click Download Button at the bottom. Easy right?

Download Lime Wire Turbo 5.5.6 here


Lime Wire Turbo 5.5.1 Free Download and Review

If in the early post I have give you LimeWire 4.18 for free,Now it's the time to try the latest Limewire Turbo 5.5.6 for free!!

Download LimeWire 5.5.6 here

LimeWire Turbo 5.4.6 is file sharing/peer to peer software developed by ProSharing.

LimeWire Turbo is one of the most popular p2p file sharing application around the world which allows users to search for and to share media files like MP3, movies, pictures, games, software, documents with anyone over the Internet. LimeWire Turbo has unique features, including ghost ratings and completely user-configurable queue area, "swarming" downloads, meaning that parts of a file will be downloaded from different peers if available.

This file sharing/peer to peer software is freeware, which means you can download and use LimeWire Turbo 5.4.6 absolutely free. There's no need to buy the product. LimeWire Turbo 5.4.6 supports different languages (including English). It works with Windows 98/XP/Vista.

How to Hide Folder Option and Disable Registry Editor

If you have known how to hide run and shutdown menu today, I tell you how to hide Folder Option and disabled the Registry Windows.

As you know, it's not hard or difficult to make some manipulation on Windows, moreover if you do it by executing batch file. And now,i give you some command line to hide Folder Option and disable the Registry Windows.Just like old time open your notepad and copy paste this command line on it:

Echo off
REG ADD HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer /v NoFolderOptions /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
REG ADD HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

Then save it, and don't forget to give extension .bat
Double click, and restart your computer for see the change..

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How to Disabled Run Menu, and Shutdown Menu using Notepad

Today tips is rather oldschool, but i bet that some of you havent know how to disabled Run and Shutdown Menu, simply using Notepad in Windows. First thing I tell you that this tips or tricks is easy to do, and don't do it to disturbed someone computer, I write this in purpose to give you all information about computer.

First, you have to open Notepad which originally exist in Windows Operating System.
Once you have open Notepad, type this command line on the paper sheet:

Echo off
REG ADD HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer /v NoRun /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
REG ADD HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer /v NoClose /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

After you done, save the file with file name disabled.bat   (dont forget to give the extension .bat)
Finally, double click on the batch file you have made, and you restart you computer.
You'll see that the Run Menu and Shutdown Menu had dissapeared...

SG TCP 2.0.3

click here to download ---> Download Now (596K)

Description: TCP Optimizer is a free program that provides 1-click acceleration of your internet connection through optimizing your internet registry settings.

The first question on many people’s minds whenever they hear of a program that purports to do something like this is invariably whether or not it is for real. The short answer to this question is yes; for the long answer, you can see the results below of my tests that I conducted with various TCP Optimizer settings.

There are 2 ways to use this program: if you are well versed with the different registry settings you can certainly perform your own custom tweaks across dozens of settings (go here for an explanation of all of these). For most of us, however, TCP Optimizer will automatically find out optimal settings based on one (or two) user inputs, as follows:

  • Connection speed slider: adjust this depending on what the maximum speed of your internet connection as advertised by your internet provider.
  • Network adapter selection: if you are using wireless make sure to set this to your wireless adapter; otherwise leave it alone.
  • That’s it. Click on the ’optimal settings’ radio button and then apply.

The program can aid both the novice and the advanced user in tweaking related TCP/IP parameters in the Windows Registry, making it easy to tune your system to the type of Internet connection used. The tool uses advanced algorithms, and the bandwidth*delay product to find the best TCP Window for your specific connection speed. It provides for easy tuning of all related TCP/IP parameters, such as MTU, RWIN, and even advanced ones like QoS and ToS/Diffserv prioritization. The program works with all current versions of Windows, and includes additional tools, such as testing average latency over multiple hosts, and finding the largest possible packet size (MTU).
The TCP Optimizer is targeted towards broadband internet connections, however it can be helpful with tuning any internet connection type, from dialup to Gigabit+ :)

If you need help with the program, check the TCP Optimizer documentation, read our broadband tweaking articles, the Optimizer FAQ, and/or visit our Forums. The program can be freely (re)distributed, as long as you give us proper credit as the author, and it is not sold for profit.

Comments about SG TCP 2.0.3(from

"Good program"

by combatshotgun on April 26, 2006

Pros: I'm a beginner here, so I didn't really know how to use this program at first. But the website has a user guide on it.

Or, if you can't be bothered to read it, it can automatically configure the settings for you (but you have to give them your maximum bandwidth speed - CNET has a bandwidth checker).

Webpages load noticably faster now.

Cons: Not beginner-friendly.

"it really does work.."

by johnny69er on August 22, 2006

Pros: it does speed your download speeds up by quite a bit...

Cons: none really...

"Very comfortable program."

by Dima_R on February 13, 2006

Pros: Very comfortable program.

Good interface

Cons: But from the help it is impossible to obtain additional information

Download SG TCP 2.0.3: Download Now (596K) ;