Adding Alternate text to your Blog images

add alternate text First off, allow me to send my gratitude to one of my fellow blogger: soswitcher, for his kindness to teach me about how to add alternate text to blog images. Actually i have known for a long time that adding alternate text to blog is very heplful to improve our ranking on search engine especially when people are searching certain image. But i doubted that it is possible to add alternate text to blog images, so i gave up on it (i was a fool at that time). Now, i have no doubt that it is possible to add alternate text to blog images, moreover it is easy to practice, and you can do it in less than 5 seconds!

adding alternate text to blog images

Basically, the "alt" attribute allows you to specify alternative text for the image if it cannot be displayed for some reaason.I know that adding alternate text to your blog images is very basic. But i'm surprised when i see a lot of bloggers forget or maybe don't know how to add alternate text to images. And i will show you how to see alternate text of an image:

  1. First, right click on a picture you want to see.
  2. Then click on Properties
  3. You will see all description contained on that image including the alternate text.
    add alternate text

As you can see, the alternate text of the example is "adsense cpm pay less". Otherwise, if a picture doesn't have any alternate text, the alternate text properties will show "blank" instead of the proper alternate text.

This is very basic but very vital for your ranking on search engine. If you have read google SEO starter guide, you could see that alternate text is the best way  to tell the search engine what is your page telling about besides keywords and meta tags description.

how to add alternate text

Let's see how easy is adding alt-text to your blog image. I suggest you to use 'Windows Live Writer' so you can follow below procedure easily.

  1. Click on a image you want to add alternate text.
  2. On 'Image Properties' panes (you can see it on the right side of your editor), click on 'Advanced' Tabs.
  3. Look at the bottom section: "alternate text:" is where you have to add your alternative text. Fill in the text box with appropriate alternate text that specify what your image is.
    add alternate text

That's all! now you have alternate text on your image.

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christian said...

Hey pal! Actually, I started removing the alternate text to images in my other blog. I thought it's non-sense but now I know that it's important so maybe I'll start adding alternate text again :)

And by the way, just check out my post this week about the hosting provider that I chose. :)

mytheory said...

okay chris! i'll always keep up-to-date with your blogs! success!

jenie said...

im back ez! remember me? it's been a while and i forgot how nice and helpful your posts are.

remind me all the time by visiting ;)
life round me N you
earthy me

Im glad to be back here!

InternetHow Blog said...

I think it is really important to alt text to images. You can also get traffic from google image search as well, if you use alt text.

mytheory said...

thx for dropping by again sis! it's really nice to see you again in here :)
and sure i will check out all of your blog, i will add those blogs in my favorite list!
God Bless!

@InternetHow Blog:
yea, the other goal of adding alt text to images is that we can get traffic from google image search as well. So adding alt-text to blog images is a must!

Extreme John said...

ALT tags are big for getting SEO traffic, I will say though I am more excited about checking out WIndows Writer :)

mytheory said...

@Extreme John:
Yea, Windows Live Writer is a good stuff! the only weakness of WLW is it doesn't provide spell checker inside. I don't know whether the lates version provide it or not.

webhosting review said...

Now i know how important to use alt text in blog images. But i need to asked, is it alt in properties could help me to rank some images too ?

Thanks a lot for nice share btw :)


mytheory said...

@webhosting review:
alt text can help you to rank in images search ranking.
glad you like it :)

carter said...

thanks for this wonderful tip...

starting doing it now... have a nice day

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