Do you Hate Entrecard?

entrecard-problems-traffic Do you hate entrecard? That is my question for you all. I know that some people love Entrecard because they do Gives big traffic, but not a few people hate it because it gives poor quality traffic. This topic has been being a controversy for all bloggers or webmasters who are very familiar with Entrecard System. Do you love it or Hate it?

I've been joining Entrecard for about 6 months. My early months with Entrecard is not quite good. I didn't know what is the system like, what are the benefits we get from it. I didn't know it all because i didn't give full attention to entrecard at that time. But in the middle of my journey with EC (short of Entrecard), I began to active on Entrecard, this due to some reason: First i saw a lot of blogs get huge number of traffic from Entrecard, And then i knew that EC points can be monetized at that time (but now is no longer available). That encourage me to spend my little time with EC.

Entrecard is not that BAD!

That's true. My traffic increases nearly 100% that time just because i began to be active on Entrecard. This gives a domino effect to all my blogging stuffs, like the improvement of Alexa Ranking, and improvement of the numbers of my blog's subscribers. I just can figure out why many people love this thing. But i'm not fully satisfied with it. I try to explore what other benefits of EC. Aha, advertising! We can advertise via Entrecard for free, we just have to pay with our EC points (another great way to send traffic), and what else? The Market! Have you tried the EC market folks? It offers so many things, again you just have to pay those stuff with your EC points. Nice huh?

The Problems with EC

I guess you have known what is the main problems of EC: The poor quality of traffic. Most of the traffic come from Entrecard has poor quality. If you have set your blog to google analytic account, you could check how long your visitors stay on your page. And maybe you should try to check how long your EC visitors (visitors from EC) drop on your blog. I want to share with you, the average time they stay on my blog is just 1 minute. It could be different with yours, maybe you only got 50 secs average, or 1,2 mins average. Worst, because the average Page Views is just 1,4 Page Views per visit. Damn! moreover if you checked out your Bounce Rate, you could see that your bounce rate begins to soar exactly after you get big/huge traffic from Entrecard. This is the bad side of EC folks! The poor quality of traffic!

Spend your time for another useful action

If you are a die-hard fans of Entrecard, maybe you should skip this part :p . I suggest you to get back to the right way before you join entrecard. You all know, make 300 drops per day is a pretty time consuming right? So why we spent our time to get poor quality traffic? Throw'em all. Optimize that time to writing useful content to your blog, I think it is more worthy rather than make 300 drops per day.

What about you guys/gals?

I know that there will be many arguments about this topic. And i would like to hear your opinion about this Entrecard thing. Do you love it or Hate it?

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David @ Robot Armageddon said...

Even though a lot of Entrecard traffic might not just drop and go, I see it as a possibility to gain the attention of as many people as possible. A lot of traffic from search engines can be similar if your site doesn't give the person exactly what they are looking for. Hopefully for all the people that are on my site for a short period of time, there are some that are genuinely entertained. My analytics numbers might not be out of this world amazing, but at least some people enjoyed what I had to say.

mytheory said...

for some reason i agree with you. That's my little thought too about entrecard, at least they look at my blog for a while, and if i get some shocking content, i'm sure that they will read it and stay longer on my page. But the probability is still small, and that's why i didn't put entrecard on my first priority. Thanks for commenting David.

Ann said...

Before EC very few people ever saw my blog, I didn't get comments, I didn't have followers. Now, after joining Entrecard there are people actually reading and commenting and coming back again and again. Yes there are those that only drop and run but so what, at least people know about my blog now and I've met some wonderful people. As for the points and all the rest I don't really care one way or the other.

Grant said...

I think it is more good than bad. Most people on Entrecard will drop and run, but a few will stop and read.

mytheory said...

@Ann & Grant:
yes, for some reason i'm a little bit aggree with you all, most EC members will only drop and run, but few will try to stop and read, but in this case you have to make a real attracting article which can attract their attention. I tried this technique, and this worked well

Doctor Faustroll said...

I love to cut an occasional Entrefart. It is the place I consider the most biblically entered into anti-socialist network on all of Ted Stevens' InterWeb system of teletubes. Right arm! Farmed out!

Descartes said...

I was one of the first on board with Entrecard and finally gave up on it a few weeks ago. The drop in traffic has not been all that bad, but then, I was never one of those drop cards all day types.

I did find most of the blogs I read now with Entrecard, but most of those blogs are ones I found at the start. Now I use Google Blog Search to find random blogs to drop in on.

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