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image Are you the one who care about SEO world? and do you want to rank well in some major search engine SERP for particular keywords. If you do, you must be up to date with your backlink. Not only care about the total number of backlink pointing to your blog/site, but where is it from, the characteristic; is it dofollow or nofollow, and what the anchor text of the backlink. All those stuffs is the most important factor on SEO World. So you have to pay attention if you want to improve your link building campaign.

::. Why Check My Backlink?


Sometimes you feel it's not neccessary to check your backlink, because Google have already make a good mathematic algorithm about it. But i suggest you to check your backlink periodically. This happens for several reason such as, Google will penalize you if you have backlink from untrusted zone/site, and also Google will penalize you if you have too many backlinks with the same anchor text on the link (example:you have a 1000 backlinks with anchored text: Make Money Online, Google will see it as a spam and Google will kick you down from SERP). Those reasons make some webmasters always check their backlinks periodically.

::. How to check my Backlink?

In the world of internet there are hundreds of free service offer you to check your backlink. Some good, while some not. My favourite is . It is free and accurate. Once you go there, just enter your URL on the text box provided and click Check Backlinks. You have to wait until the process of calculating the total of your backlinks finished. Once it finished, it will display you all information about your backlinks, such as the total number of backlinks you have, where it comes from, the flag (dofollow or nofollow), and also the anchor link/text.


You can pratice it now to check your backlinks. Always check your backlink periodically to improve your link building campaign. Don't wait until something bad happen to you.

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