Where to find Free images for your blog

free,images,for,blog One way to make our blogs look interesting is by adding some images to our blog posts. Besides it will make our blogs layout look interesting and impressive, adding pictures will also make our readers feel comfort when reading our post, laugh when they see funny pictures, or attracted to read more when they see weird pictures. And as a blogger, we also have to know where is the rightest place to search appropriate images for our blog posts. And i know a fact that so many bloggers use google image search for the sake of searching images for their blogs. I also know that google image search is the largest images gallery on web, but i would like to tell you that google image search is the worst place to find images for your blog.

Images on Google image search is not necessarily legal!

That's the answer of the question : "why google image search is the worst place to find image for your blog?" You should stay away from google image search if you want to use it for the sake of finding images for your blog. So, where's the rightest place for finding free images for our blogs?

Find Free images

  1. Stock.xchng
    Stock.xchng is the best place to find images for your blog. It is better if you read the FAQ before try to find images and use it on your blog, because some of the images need author notification to use. After all, stock.xchng has large collection of images.
  2. EveryStockphoto.com
    Another great site to find free images to your blog. Once again some of the images need author notification to use, while some don't.

I think those two websites is the great place to find images for your blog. Right now you should stay away from google images and turn to those 2 websites. :p

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Anonymous said...

Even better is if you look for public domain photos on wikipedia or something like www.pdphotolibrary.com

mytheory said...

it's a great idea too!
thanks for sharing :)

webhosting review said...

thanks a lot for this one. Im quite confused to search some images for my blogs. Because i thought image for header is everything.

Thanks a lot for your nice share!


free images said...

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