Do Adsense Image ads pay less than Text Ads?

adsense image ads pay less Back again with adsense-related post right here. Today i'm talking about image ads on adsense. The phenomenon that have been spreading out there is that image ads pay less than the text ads do. But no one really knows about it, they just follow the mainstream which can be true or definitely wrong. I will give a little facts and opinion about Do Adsense Image ads pay less than Text Ads?

First we have to hear what Google team respon about this problem:

While we can’t make any guarantees about the earnings potential of image or text ads, we believe that image ads will prove to be a high-performing option for publishers looking to monetize their pages. In fact, we show image ads when they have a higher value to you than the corresponding set of text ads that might otherwise run in the same slot.

So basically, Image ads should be works better than text ads, even in certain circumtances image ads will show more related ads to the topic rather than text ads. This is not wrong (especially when Google Team confirm like this), but it's better for us to observe why image ads will perform better. First, good image will attract more people to click (such as a good girl image ;p ), this is what make image ads perform better than text ads which only show boring text.

But also keep in mind that google don't say that image ads pay more than text ads, do they? They just plainly say that image ads performs better than text ads. For me, in many cases image ads do pay damn less than the text ads, in many cases! forget about which one is performing better or worse, usually text ads will pay more than image ads i think.

That's my personal conclusion folk, you can take it or you just can stand on your ground. It's up to you. Because it can be like this way: for me image ads pay less than the text ads, but it might be the opposite for you. So it is best to always use channel for every single ads you put on your blogs, and observe carefully their performance and earnings.

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InternetHow Blog said...

I agree with you completly on this. I use image adsense ads on my blog. They pay less than normal text ads.

mytheory said...

we are on the same way.. :)
nice to hear your opinion

nathan said...

Image ads perform better maybe because it really catches the reader's attention more compared to text ads.

ZXT said...

I thought image ads pays more because they occupy the whole thing where text ads willjust occupy a portion like 1/5 of the whole ad.

mytheory said...

yes, the theory says like that. But based on my experience, images ads pay less than text ads, and many people feel the same way as i am.

WhitneyB99 said...

Very interesting. Yes it's hard to come to a definite conclusion as to which pays more. I like to use both on my blogs!

earn money said...

I have a blog and was wondering if I should use adsense or w/e to earn money. How would I convince my parents to let me?

Swag Codes said...

Personally, I think that imaged Ads are better than texted ads. However, a combination of both will maximize one's earnings.. =)

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Fajr Breeze - Yuxx said...

Image ads pay less than text ads

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for sharing your opinion.

I find that, though image ads might pay more per click than a text ad, the advertiser of the image ad gets the image displayed for free and only pays when it is clicked, thus giving the advertiser great value to have the exposure, at no cost if not clicked.

Compare that to the amount of space an image takes in comparison to a text, you can loose a lot of advertising space as a publisher, and at the difference in price that comes from an image click to a text advert click, I do not think it is worth it.

Do yourself a favour, trace the website of an image advertiser and call them and ask how much they pay for the image ad to be shown.

I guarantee you that you will have their URL in your competitive filter blocked list faster than you can login to your account?


Zeno said...

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