Writing for people not for Google

writing tips for blogger "What should I do if I want my blog post to rank high on Google?" If you throw this question to some people, then you perhaps get answers like this: "Spread your keywords and keyphrases all over your posts, try to bold them up, and increase their density." In theory this is a good idea to improve your ranking on search engine (read top5 factors affecting your ranking on search engine) but in the reality, people may hate and feel bored when reading your article. It just makes no sense, and finally, you lose your visitors.

Writing for Google instead of people is a common mistake for newbie bloggers. I often read that kind of post. They usually underlined certain key phrases, and bold them up too, which makes me feel bored to read through his post. Do they rank high on Google? Not exactly! they just hit the first page on google for few days and disappear for the next days (commonly called google honeymoon). Don't think that they dissapear only because google algorithm has to do so, but i believe that google follows people's satisfaction when reading a post. If the post offer good quality, for sure the readers will stay for quite long time, or maybe read the other posts, otherwise the readers just hop out from it.

In this post i don't suggest you to stay away from SEO techniques such as spread keywords and key phrases through the post, but what i want to suggest you is that you have to write for people too not only for google. Think about the keywords density later when you have finished your writing. Try as best as possible so both google and readers can rank you high. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Blend naturally your keywords within your post. For example: avoid underlining your keywords. Don't ever think to bold certain words if those words don't really need any emphasis.
  2. Basically, keywords and key phrases are necessary so google can know what your post is telling about. But try to reduce your keywords and key phares density below 8% per post. (How to count keywords density manually)
  3. Optimize your meta description and meta keywords. Yes, meta tags is a great way to tell search engine what your page/post mainly telling about. While your physical post is all about information you want to share with your readers not for Search Engine. In this case, Wordpress users can easily add different meta description and keywords to different posts, but for Blogspot users, you have to do some tweaking to do this (read how to add different meta tags in different blogger posts).

So, right now, try as best as you can to write for human, not for google.


blogsmith said...

Good SEO informations provided.

mytheory said...

Thanks dude! Keep reading my post to see more seo information :)

Money Making Business said...


Rightly said, keeping readers in mind and writing is always good. That indirectly satisfies Google but at the same time we have to keep some keywords in mind while writing the post. I like the term Google honeymoon !


mytheory said...

@Mr. Ven:
Glad you like it.
yea first time i knew google honeymoon term, i don't know what is it, i thought it was really honeymoon for google team. Lol
but it's just a term made by some seo experts to indicates the phenomenon which is certain posts hit first page on google serp for the early day the post is published, the next days those posts dissapear.
Thanks for coming Mr. Ven.

christian said...

Wow bro! I think you will be a great SEO expert someday :) Btw, if you want more info about SEO, i think you should visit this site too, I also love this site: http://dailyseoblog.com :) (bro, i wrote you a message in entrecard, hope you could read it). and lastly, i'm having some difficulty whenever i'm visitng your site, sometimes your blog doesn't appear, instead i was transferred to a different site? I don't know if its just happening to me or to your other readers as well.

mytheory said...

hehe..i'm not that good at seo actually, i just share what i have learnt and practice.

do you have some difficulty whenever visit my blog?
oh that sounds bad. I need to check up what is the problem. Hopefully this doesn't happen for all my readers.
Thanks for remind me pal!

Unknown said...

I agree with you that we should write for people not google. But the really important question is where do this ppl come from? Google....am I right?

mytheory said...

Of course most of them come from Google. But since they are real humans, we have to treat them like human. They need genuine and legitimate information, not crappy underlined and bolded keywords and keyphrases.
Thanks for commenting Ricky!

webhosting review said...

im agree with you. Nowadays people have come to google and copy paste all content and post it to blogs. I dont like that. Visitor will judge what they seen :)

Anonymous said...

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