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image SEO - is getting more and more popular nowadays. As internet making money opportunity getting higher exposure from time to time, Effective SEO is desperately needed. As impact, there are hundreds or even thousands websites out there offer seo service, whether it's free or not. Some worth it, but some not worth it. And if you look for the the worth it one, i can suggest you SpyderMate .

There are two option provided by SpyderMate to us: Register to become a member (you don't have to pay any cent for it), or just be a guest which get limited result about our website analysis. I suggest you to register so you can access all menu they provide and get more useful features. Even, if you become a member you can get scheduled crawls by the spydermate system.

Here are some features the SpyderMate provides:

  1. Site Analysis
    It gives you detailed infomation about your site's Page Rank, Alexa Rank, backlinks, and domain age. It also acts like SEO grader which give you rating of 1-100.
  2. Link Equity
    This section helps you recognize which page of your site has bigger chance to rank well in major search engine. This section also offer keywords analysis of your site.
  3. Compare
    It allows you to compare two websites site-to-site. Or comparing your website's performance with your competitor's websites performance.

If you haven't satisfied yet with Spydermate, maybe you can try . It is more familiar than SpyderMate. it gives us offsite and onsite analysis of our domain. Some say, it is the most trusted free seo analysis from all. Personally, it is the best if you try both spydermate and websitegrader to analyze your site. Keep in mind that nothing perfect in this world, same as in the world of web, thus we should cross checking our site analysis with other reliable free seo analysis service.

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