Judge Nels

Have you ever heard about Judge Swandal news recently? If you have never heard any news related to Judge Swandal, let me tell you a little bit about Judge Swandal news. Judge Swandal real name is Nels Swandal. The public started to know his name after Judge Swandal granted Lauren Martin a name change to Kathryn Stone. What makes the public pay attention to Lauren Martin case is because Judge Swandal granted Lauren Martin a name change to Kathryn Stone without any background check. Public has strong believe that this could be happened because Judge Nels Swandal is too busy to against Beth Baker in Supreme Court Justice.

Nels Swandal has been the District Court Judge of the Sixth Judicial Court for over 15 years. It is interesting to know that the motto of Nels Swandal is “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”. Otherwise, during the election, Judge Nels Swandal is too busy to take care of the election and forget about the case he has been in. As the impact, Judge Nels lost to Beth Baker in the Livingston Montana Supreme Court Justice in Livingston MT. Many people also have opinion that politic plays in this case. As you know, the world of politic is very dominant.


Talk to Strangers

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