Link Building with Dofollow Social Bookmarking

dofollow social bookmarking Again and again i have to say that link building campaign is an important thing that we have to do to improve our search engine ranking. Therefore, we have to play smart on building link to our blog. Smart in here means balance and natural. You might work very hard on building your link everyday, but if you don't play smart you won't rank well on search engine. This topic will tell you how to build link with dofollow social bookmarking. As you know social bookmarking let people submit article/post/upcoming news so other people can stay up-to-date with those things. And search engines loves updated content like social bookmarking have. It means that we can use social bookmarking to build quality link.

Dofollow social bookmarking

Who doesn't know digg,, stumbleupon, or reddit? They are social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites is a big improvement of internet technology. Those sites let people to share upcoming news, post, article, or even public opinion. Since we are blogger, we often use it to submit our recent blog post. Besides we can promote our blog, we can gather backlink from it. But most SEOer don't know that most of popular social bookmarking give nofollow relation to every link submitted by their members. Of course that's a bad news, we don't get any link juice huh? This is what i call smart: observe before acting. These are some of dofollow social boomarking:

Social Bookmarking site PR
Slashdot 9
Digg 8
Furl 7 7
hugg 7
mixx 7
reddit 7
multiply 7 6 6

So if you want to balance your link building campaign, take your time to submit on dofollow social bookmarking, if you always build link by blog commenting, google will know what you are up to, if you always build link by link exchanging, google also know what you are up to, but if you randomize them all, success is on your hand.


GTDownload said...

Some experts say that nofollow links are also usefull. Some made some experiments using only a few nofollow IBLs and the results were conclusive: nofollow links don't have the same weight as dofollow ones but they do help in higher rankings.

mytheory said...

nofollow helps to improve SE ranking. Why? because nofollow IBL still counted as "Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Links" which is the most important factor that affect ranking on major SE.
if you read my previous post about 5 top factors that affect search engine, you will get it.

Unknown said...

'Do follow, no follow?' Care to give a more simple explnation of what this means for a bogging dummy!?

mytheory said...

thx for your suggestion.
but as i remember, before i post this article, i have post another article about the basic concept of dofollow and nofollow. If you read it, maybe you will get it. I have to admit it was my fault not to share link within post

Extreme John said...

This is probably one of the nicest ways someone has done a Do Follow Directory list that I have seen in a long time. Very helpful, thank you.

mytheory said...

@Extreme John:
thanks friend! happy to hear that :)

Internet said...

Hey Great!
I actually like SEO, but if I had to say, the hardest part is definitely link building, usually just because it takes the longest. I think many prefer do-follow blogs to get good back links. Your blog is petty much impressive and informative.
Thanks dude.

Karin Boode said...

Thanks for a great article. You have Digg listed as do-follow. Technically it is correct, however the links all go to digg and not to the person submitting the bookmark. This changed when they implemented the "Diggbar". When you click on the bookmark you are taken to another internal Digg page. This is the page that gets the one-way back link. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

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