Last PR Update : From N/A to 3

Did you notice that yesterday Google updated Page Rank? Well, after a long wait, finally the day came! PR Update is something that many webmasters waiting for. Honestly, i don't hope too much with this time PR update, since i'm slightly lazy to do link building of my site. But what a surprise that my PR jump from Not Available (N/A) to 3? What a good move huh? I never expect this before. This could be a good thing to my whole blogging things. As you can see, this blog's top commentators will also get more link juice. Okay, enough about me, how's about your PR update? Did you see some improvement on your PR? I would like to hear your experience about this :)


christian said...

congrats bro! Mine didn't change. It's been 8 months i think since my pr changed from 1 to 2. and now, i was stuck in pr 2 :(

mytheory said...

that's fine bro! PR 2 is also good.
Just be patience and keep link building naturally if you want to upgrade your PR.
good Luck!

steppinout said...

My blog still not getting any PR. But it's not bothering me that much since my blog is still too young. 2 month and 1 week to be exact.

mytheory said...

i agree, 2 month old blog is too young. However, you might want to improve your PR on the next update. Good Luck!

Lee Ka Hoong said...

Congrats on your PR3! My blog PR remains the same, it stays PR3 for quite a few months, but I don't mind as long as it doesn't drop. :)


mytheory said...

@Lee Ka Hoong:
thanks for visiting dude.
Yea, as long as our PR don't drop, it is still fine.

Rose Petal said...

How do you find out what your page rank is?

mytheory said...

@Rambling Rose Jewels:
In order to know what is the Page Rank of our site, we should install Google Toolbar to our web-browser. If you don't want to do this step, you can manually go to to get the info of your Page Rank

Online Social Networking said...


My blog also advanced, from PR3 to PR4.

mytheory said...

Thank you friend!

ame said...

Wow, That's so great ! Yesterday my blog up from PR 1 to 2 :) I'm very happy because my blog is still very new :) Congratulations !

mytheory said...

i have seen and read your blog, you have good sense of blogging. PR 2 for a fairly new blog is great! Keep it up!

InternetHow Blog said...


I've seen no improvement on mine. Hopefully next update.

mytheory said...

@InternetHow Blog:
Yes,I hope your PR jump up on the next update.
You deserve to get higher PR :)

r4ds card said...

It sound great, cograts. It really such a nice place.

Dofollow Blog said...

Congrats, I only got PR2.
Anyway if you don't mind would you like to exchange links with my blog? I very appreciate that. Thank you

JENIE=) said...

congrats! im sure you feel as ecstatic as I was last week when my PR1 turned 3 and my PR0 turned 2! it really is surprising huh!?

hope u visit my blogs again

life round me N you
earthy me

webhosting review said...

Congratulations for PR update! thats a gift from google aight ? Hope you can make some $$$ from this one.


mytheory said...

@webhosting review:
Thank you. Yep, i hope this can improve my earning on blogging

Cathy said...

I'm visiting your blog for first time and I am in love with it.Anyway how old is your blog and what things you do to increase PR.And also when did you noticed that your blog has achieved PR 3.

Waiting for your reply.

mytheory said...

Welcome to this blog Cathy :)
i start this blog on early November 2008.
I noticed that my blog has achieved PR 3 on last October.
To increase PR, i only give relevant comment to other blog similar to my topic, and also active on forums.

Gouri said...

Congrats!! Another update happened yesterday as well.. In most of the cases, it affected, internal pages only.

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