How to Improve SERP

This time ezpctips will share some usefull tips about How to Improve SERP. All of you have known that SERP or Search Engine Result Page is the key factor for your visitor coming to your blog or website. How to Improve SERP has become an old question for blogger newbie,or newbie webmasters. And now,i will reveal the answer for the question: How to Improve SERP.

::. Introduction

Before i told you the trick to improve SERP,let me explain you what is SERP. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Position. SERP is the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. Each page typically consists of 10 URLs, with no more than 2 URLs per domain. If your blog or website sit on the first page of SERP for particular keywords,your blog will get a great great traffic.Otherwise,if your blog is not good on SERP,your blog is difficult to get visitors from search engines.

::. The Answer of How to Improve SERP

I have to tell you that to Improve SERP is not easy as abc. Could be say that sometimes How to Improve SERP is an on-going process,but sometimes hitting the first page or even the first list on SERP could be so easy. So here are the steps to Improve SERP: Improve SERP

  • The first first thing you have to do is to find your keyword you want to rank high on search engine(let it say Google). In this example i use keyword 'emoticon.
    After you found the keyword,do some search on Google about your keyword.And this is what google says: 






You could see on that image that keyword 'emoticon' returns more than 11 millions results.It obviously a difficult niche and you have to find another keyword. i use 'how to make animated emoticon' 
Hey... you could see that it only returns about 200thousands results.And it's suite for your keyword instead of 'emoticon'

  • The second steps to help you improve your SERP is to spread your keyword on your posting or webpage as many as possible.You have to noticed that you also have to make special attribute on those keywords(i.e:by bolding them,underlined,highlight,etc)
  • After you have done with those steps, the hardest thing or process to Improve SERP is to collect many quality backlinks from other website which have topics in common(example:if your blog or website is talking about music,you should find quality backlinks from music forum,or music website/blog.).
    Actually,this steps is called an on-going process. How to Improve SERP is not an one night-job-done.It need months to be well done.

Yup,that is How to Improve SERP .if you practice it well,i'm sure your blog or website will have a great numbers of visitors. That's it about How to Improve SERP. If you have question just feel free to ask me about it. Thanks...


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"When Life Gives You Lemon" Award


First of all i would say thank you for wazzupweb who nominate me for this greatful award. Actually this is my first blog award,and hopefully i could achieve more and more award in future :)

Here are the terms and conditions for this award:

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And these are the kind 10 blogger i nominated for this award:

  1. soff-tis
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  4. kenmax
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  7. Ridwan Sanjaya
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Congratulation for all of you. Hopefully this award can motivate you being a better and the best blogger.Cheers :).Happy blogging!


How to Disable Autoplay

This time on All computer tips I will tell you how to disable Autoplay menu. As you know, disable autoplay menu is necessary to prevent your PC from dangerous virus which is maybe come from any portable media you connected to PC (it can be flashdisk,CD,and other data storage media).And sometimes,Autorun menu disturb user by its prompt window which takes some time to appear. Disable Autoplay menu is not that difficult,i will tell you the procedure of disable autoplay menu step-by-step.

::. Procedure

So,let's start disable your Autoplay menu:

  1. Click on start-run-->and type gpedit.msc ;click  OK
  2. Once,you'll see like this: image
  3. Next,you have to focus on the left side panel,locate to this: Local Computer Policy/Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Systems.image
  4. Here in right side panel,find this object:Turn Off Autoplayimage
  5. Double click on it,check Enabled,
  6. Turn off Autoplay on:All drive
  7. Congrats!You're just disable your Autoplay menu

For now and ever,the autoplay menu on your computer has been disabled,so if you try to connect any portable media to your PC,the Autoplay menu won't disturb you anymore.

All computer tips:

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Recuva 1.24 | Easily restore your missing files

image Hey guys,this time ezpctips come up with review plus free download of Recuva 1.24. Recuva 1.24 is the best solution for searching your missing file on your computer,Recuva 1.24 can be easily used to search and restore your missing file on computer or any portable media.


::. Screenshot

Recuva 1.24 is a freeware by piriform Ltd, A software that is able to recover missing or deleted files or data. The good score of this software is its friendly user-interface.Though,Recuva 1.24 also available on Advanced mode,which provide:preview box,header,and 'info' contains all information of the missing or deleted files.So,in the info box, we can see where is the file was located ago,the condition of the file;there are 3 condition:Excellent,Poor,and Unrecoverable.

The setting mode(option mode) on Recuva is pretty easy. On the option mode, we can choose the language appeared,set what type of the program look liked(List View,Tree View,or Thumbnails view),and for intermediate, Recuva provides Advanced Setting mode, on it they can configure the secure overwriting mode(Simple,DOD,NSA,or Gutmann).

::. Download

You can easily and freely download the installer of Recuva 1.24 on this link: Recuva 1.24


After downloading Recuva, it will be very appreciated,if you leave your comment of this program(Recuva.1.24) below on comment box,thank you: All computer tips