Adsense CPM - Pay Less?

adsense cpm pay less Have you ever seen in your Adsense account that you don't get any click, but you earn some dollar? For you who haven't known why this can happen, that's called Adsense CPM which stands for Cost Per 1 Thousand Impression. You don't have to get any click, if certain ads have displayed for a thousand times on your page, then you earn some dollar from it. The cost is also vary depends on the advertisers deal. But many publishers are sure that adsense offer very low cpm. Is this true or it's just a personal opinion?

Adsense CPM

Before we get into more complicated case, it is wise to know the basic concept of Adsense CPM. Adsense cpm stands for 'cost per one thousand'. The perception among adsense publisher is that image ads are paid through CPM method, but text ads is paid through Cost per Click or CPC. But it's totally wrong. According to Google Adsense Team's statement, both adsense text ads and image ads can be paid either CPM basis or CPC basis. So if you set your adsense ads to only show image ads, you don't have to surprise if you could see cpc image ads, and otherwise, if you set to only show text ads, you don't have to surprise if you could see cpm text ads.

::. Google Adsense CPM rates is too low?

This is the most common perception among adsense publisher that google adsense cpm rates is lower than other advertising network. Actually, nobody has no idea whether this is definitely true or definitely false. Let's get back to the basic concept of Adsenze CPM. The cost of adsense cpm varies depending on the advertisers deal. We can't say that 100% adsense cpm rate is low. If you read some adsense success story. You could see that their cpm rates is not so low, even they get decent income from adsense cpm basis. This could be happened for some factors such as quality content of the sites, and also the content's niche. I believe if the content of the sites targets a specific niche, the cpm rates could be high as well.

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angga said...

I think their content is more on specific niche and they have on it and also they can compete well on search engine with their targeted hpk keyword (they're on hot niche and they do keyword research very well..), so that's why they got visitors, high page impression and high CPM, even no one click ads.

What I mean for hot niche is not a niche that has very high hpk, the competition on very high HPK is very high. If I have HPK but my website cannot rank well on SE.. it's useless, no visitors, no money. So I prefer to choose high paying keyword which is not too high but also not too low.

Actually finding hot niches, choose the right keyword and to win on SE result are not easy but also not super hard. So the key is not only work hard but also work smart :)

ashishmaihu said...

Nice article. But i have a huge confusion over here. Let's say i have got 1000 impressions of different ads then will i get paid or 1000 impressions of same ads on my site then i get paid?

I dont know what rates i am getting for CPM. Any idea to calculate it?

Unknown said...

Please keep giving posting such articles. it helps people like me. thanks dear

pankufrenz said...

gr8 excellent cpm ads of adsense in

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