Get a free blog and a free domain

According to Google trends, in the last 1 year, blogging activity has been increasing nearly 250%. Wow, that is a huge number isn’t it? Actually, at the beginning blogging activity was only popular in US and UK area, and not in other Europe, Asia, or even Africa countries. But what is behind the scene that makes blogging activity become more and more popular? Well, I believe that the most affecting factor is the ability to make money from blogging. Yes, I’m sure that you are very familiar with this terms “make money blogging”, or maybe this one “make money online with blog”. Those are the concrete example of how blog can give you decent income. However, not everyone doing the blogging activity to earn money online, sometimes they do love their job (blogging), love to share what is on her or his mind at the moment. But the bottom-line is blogging has become hobby and a business field at the same time

And the first thing we have to consider when make a blog is to choose the blogging service we would like to use. There is Wordpress blog service that is considered as the best blogging service. But the main problem is, we usually don’t want to spend any dime to buy domain and pay the hosting. Domain nearly costs 15 dollars, and hosting nearly costs 5 dollars per month, and it is very annoying for us. And recently I have good news for you. I just found this great websites: You can Get A Free Blog plus free domain. Very nice huh? Yes, I was surprised too! really gives the best service, they offer free blog with free domain for you. I encourage you to visit their site right now, forget about spend some bux just for register a domain. Blogdive is your answer.


How to make a claim

The majority of policy holders will go through the year without making a claim. It's possible a major weather disaster could suddenly take out an area, but the actual risks of fires, thefts and accidents around the home are relatively low. Even high-crime areas do not produce excessive numbers of claims. That's why, when the anticipated cost of all the losses is spread among the policy holders, the premiums are not too high. That said, people find the claims process confusing, so here are some simple steps to keep technical problems to a minimum.

1. If a crime has been involved, notify the police immediately and cooperate with the investigation. Your insurance company will want full details of the investigation so keep good notes of the names and contact information for the officers who deal with it. Notifying the police also reduces the risk in the eyes of the insurer that you are making a fraudulent claim. Liaise with the police to get copies of any witness statements, police reports, fire department reports, and so on. Alternatively, be able to pass all the police or fire department contact details over to the insurer.

2. Never delay notifying the insurance company or your local agent that you have suffered a loss. There are a whole series of processes that have to be set in motion to handle the claim. If the loss is minor, your local agent will usually deal with it directly. Anything more serious will go through the claims office. At the earliest possible opportunity, confirm who will liaise with you and how you contact that person.

3. Depending on the circumstances, it's possible that emergency repairs are necessary. Most insurance companies operate a list of contractors approved to make these repairs. Many contractors can bill the insurers directly. If emergency repairs are necessary, get the necessary paperwork to authorize the work from the insurer at the earliest opportunity.

4. Document every aspect of the damage to your property or the contents. That means taking photographs or a video, and keeping a diary of all the events so you can write up a full report for the agent or claims adjuster. The key issues are the value of property damaged or lost, and the cost of repairs. Hopefully, you have kept the receipts for all the bigger ticket items to set a baseline value.

5. Deal with the home insurance company in writing as much as possible, keeping copies of letters and e-mails. If you speak to people by telephone, keep records of the date, time, the person you spoke with and a summary of what was said. This will help you if there is a dispute later on in the claims process.

6. Ensure you are present when the agent or claims adjuster comes to inspect your property and point out all the damage. Again, keep notes of what is said.

7. The home insurance company will make an offer of settlement. Take advice on whether the amount offered is fair. If building work is involved, talk to the building contractor. If you think the insurer is trying to take advantage of you in some way, discuss the issue with the insurance department or commissioner for your state.


Where to find free online coupon

The swift development of technology (read: about technology) is very helpful in helping people to do their tasks or their job. I can’t imagine how it would be, if the technology develops so slowly. And this swift development of technology also makes the internet grows faster than we can expect. It is very common for us to see two people are chatting through internet, or maybe watching live streaming from internet for free. From internet, we could also buy and sell various stuffs. We can buy CDs, book, clothes, and shoes from an e-commerce website. But if you were like me, you must hate the price they offer, because it is more expensive than the price in the real shops. Moreover, if we live in the other countries or far states, we have to pay the shipment fee which is sometimes not cheap.

Fortunately, I found this cool and great website: Basically, the website offers free online coupons that you can use in order to get discount when you shopping online. If you visit the website, on the homepage they have given out so many free online coupons that you can use in a certain period (check the expires date). Keep in mind that they also offer free shipping coupons that is very great you who want to get discount + free shipment fee.


Private Number Plates for you

Have you ever thought to have a private number plates for your car? Maybe you think it’s worthless to have private number plate for a car. Beside waste a lot of money to buy that special number plate, sometimes you get bored with those number and letter sequence. Hold up, you might want to hear my opinion. Well, maybe it’s worthless to have private number plate for your car, but have you ever thought to buy a very special private number plate to surprise someone you love? Let me make it clearer for you, you could buy a “M155 HER” private number plate that shows that you really miss her. That’s not the only option; you can make any other combination depend on your interest or your mood at that time. And the question is, where should we buy that special private number plate? Well, you can check out They are supplying private number plates to U.K motorist since 1995. You could see that their website let you develop your idea on a virtual private number plates. Even if you stuck for ideas, you can check out their suggestion for certain category, such as for BMW category, for her category, and for him category. There you can also enter you name to search any available number plates that suit you. Readmore,..

Global slowdown impact on Real Estate

We all might have heard the word real estate and impact on it due to the global slowdown. But how many are there who actually know what does the real estate actually mean. Real estate is not simply a word it is a legal term that encloses the  land along whatever  everlastingly affixed to the land, such as the property which are not movable as buildings, apartments etc.

People have taken real estate as their business and they earn a lot if everything goes well. The main source of capital which are used by the individuals or the companies in order to purchase the land or renovate their property they opt for pret immobilier. Even the banks are there for providing simulation pret.

People in order to sell their property make use of a real state agent or realtors. There are many befits of selling the property through the agents as they are the mediators and helping in sorting out the negotiation that may take place between the purchaser and the seller. They even help to negotiate the price as they are highly skilled in this job and they know all the tips.

Real Estate agents help you to the right price of the property and sell it with the appropriate amount. As they are into this profession, they keep the latest news, latest financing packages, rates, and very importantly competing houses which are equivalent to


The Best E-Commerce Web Hosting

Nowadays, e-commerce web is getting more popular. E-commerce web allow people to do buy and sell transaction online. The payment can be done through various method such as using credit card or PayPal transfer. For the e-commerce website owner, choosing the right web hosting is very vital. If you own a non e-commerce website, you could easily choose any web hosting that suit you, choose the good web hosting with low price and free domain. But the things become different if you own e-commerce website. What makes it different is the ability of the web hosting to do some transaction including shopping cart feature, payment feature and else. This is the main problem when you want to decide which one will be the web hosting for your e-commerce website.

But now, you could visit This website provides various reviews about any web hosting. Start from the worst one until the best one. The review is easy to read, and include many useful informations such as the price, the features offered, and the overall ratting. And back to our topic about e-commerce web hosting, also provide a special category that only talks about e-commerce web hosting review. This section will obviously help you to choose the right web hosting for your e-commerce website. If you don’t believe what people say, since people can boast about anything, just go to to read the legitimate review about web hosting.


The VoIPstreet Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is the other way to make money online. Some say that affiliate program will not generate decent income. Basically, the concept of affiliate program is to give you real income. An easy way to describe affiliate program is like this: You put a link/advertisement on your blog/website, and then if someone click your ads and make a purchase of a product they offer, you will get some dollar from it. But, the problem is only few of your visitors will interest with the products they sell, unless the product is related to your core competency, or your category. Thus, affiliate program from a big company, or service would be a great solution. Why must affiliate program from a big company or service would be the great solution? Well, the answer is simple, big service/ company usually offers a product which is well-known, or legitimate. And that’s what VoIPstreet affiliate program offers.

VoIPstreet offer many kind of good services, such as: VoIPstreet Virtual PBX, VoIPstreet Trunking, and VoIPstreet Metered. With such good services they offer, this seems to be a good affiliate program you should try. Keep in mind that VoIP industry is getting more and more popular, so join their affiliate program must be a good choice for you.


Stylish Prescription Sunglasses

Are you the one who spent a great deal of time on the outside? If yes, then maybe you should style your look with stylish prescription sunglasses. With stylish prescription sunglasses, you don’t only style your look, but it really covers you from UV light which is very disturbing your eyes. But be careful on choosing the right prescription sunglasses for you. One time you choose, you can’t cash it back and you will lose some dollar for it. Therefore you should choose the right stylish prescription sunglasses that suit your eyes. is the right place for buying stylish prescription sunglasses. I said that is the right place for buying stylish prescription sunglasses for some strong reasons. First, it is the most popular website for glasses shop related search; it means that really gives you the best quality glasses. Second, on the website, there is a virtual try-on feature. Through this feature you can see how the glasses you want to order matched to your face, nice huh? And the most important thing is they offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Especially on the stylish prescription sunglasses, all of the frames are sold at 10% discount. So what you are waiting for? If you look for the best stylish prescription sunglasses, just go to


Medical Alert System for your parent’s safety

Do you have parent or grandparent who lives far away from you and they are alone? If you have, you might be feeling afraid of them because no one around to take care of them. You have no one to be commanded to take care of them. Imagine that you your parent or grandparents are getting old and old, and their ability of doing something decreasing. Imagine suddenly your parent fall and no one can help them up, even your parent or grandparent can’t call you to shout a help.

Because of the rapid development of technology in this 21st century, you don’t have to worry about the problem. Have you heard Medical Alert ? Basically, medical alert is an alarm system that gives signal in purpose to tell that there is a hazard requires urgent attention, or medical help. If you search it online for ‘Medical Alert’ key phrase, you will find a lot of website offering various medical alert systems product. But few of them really offer good quality product for you. If you confused about where to buy medical alert systems product, you should try to visit They offer many kind of products, such as: Easy help button, Extra Panic button, Extra Fall Detection, and many else which will ensure your parent or grandparent’s safety.


GPS tracking system devices and software

Are you an outgoing person? Or maybe you spend a lot of time on the road? If you are, then you should consider buying GPS tracking system. There are so many benefits of buying GPS tracking system for your vehicle. For example, if you are a victim of auto theft, the GPS tracking systems will obviously help the police to search your car thief. Another benefit of GPS tracking system is that you could go anywhere you want by your vehicle without afraid of being lost. Because of the usefulness, many people are now considering to install GPS tracking system on their car. And there are so many vendors of GPS based product offer many kind of GPS tracking system with numerous range of price and also quality. Obviously you want to install the best GPS tracking system on your vehicle. And is the right place for you. With about 15 years of experience in GPS Tracking system devices and software, LandAirSea will always give the best quality products to their customers. And talking about their products, they offer certain types of GPS tracking system, such as GPS Tracking Pro, GPS Tracking Key, and many else. If you are interested to buy GPS Tracking system for your vehicle, just go to


Alexa Rank : Underrated or Overrated?

alexa rank Many blogger have known Alexa Rankings. Alexa Ranking is well-known among people because it is considered as a website which offers pretty accurate data about traffic of a website. If you are ads publishers, you must know that most advertisement networks use Alexa Ranks as a scoring system for your websites/blog, it means if your website has high alexa rank, perhaps your website gets high stars from the admin. But, in the other side, many people underrated alexa rank, they said that alexa rank system has many weakness, and very easy to cheat on it.

Why you should pay attention to your alexa rank?

  1. Alexa Ranking system is too outstanding in internet world. Both newbie and professional internet marketer know this term: Alexa Rank. Absolutely, we can't fight against this stream, just follow the trends because it won't harms you neither your websites.
  2. Most advertisement networks use Alexa Rank as one of their judgment to your blog. It's pretty hard for your blog to be approved if your alexa ranks above 500K.
  3. High Alexa ranking gives a good branding to your site. If you have high alexa ranking (let's say above 20K), people will naturally think that your site is very popular, good, and also profitable. This gives such a good domino effect for your websites (more direct advertisers for your sites, more visitors).

I hope you agree with the good effect you will get, if you have a site with high alexa ranking. So, many people chase for that thing: High Alexa Ranking. And this produce a black-technique to increase alexa ranking (i won't tell you the black-hat secrets to increase alexa, you should search it by yourself). And this becomes the main weak point of Alexa Ranking system. Their system is easy-to-cheat, people can easily boost their ranks up to 10K, make it not reliable anymore.

We come to the conclusion now. My conclusion is: don't give too much attention to your alexa ranks, don't be afraid if your alexa ranks is too low, I believe that if you have a good content inside your blog, the traffic will come to you and at the same time your alexa ranking starts to climb up.

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Make your Blogger Template more SEO friendly (Part I)

Starting from today on All Blogging Tips, I will share some tips on how to make our blogger templates more SEO friendly. As you know, unlike Wordpress, basically, Blogger Template/layout is not seo friendly enough. We have to do some tweaks so we can rank well in search engine using blogger template or using blogspot platform. Because there are more than one tweak we need to do, i decided to make series of post (Part I, Part II, and so on). In this first part I will cover the important aspect of Page Title.

What is a Page Title

Page Title is Page Title. Frankly, I can't describe it in longer words. The best way to describe it is by showing you the snapshot of Page Title itself.

Page Title bloggerpage title blogger

I hope images above give you clearer information about what is a Page Title.

Make Page Title More SEO friendly

Let's cut to the chase. Basically, standard page title for a single blogger post is The blog title : Blog post title. As you can see, this page title is too long, and it's not search engine friendly, thus we have to change the page title for a single blogger post become like this Blog Post Title | The Blog Title.

For you don't know how to access HTML code in your blog template, to access HTML code of your template is very easy: First, log in to your blogger account, on your dashboard click Layout, and click 'Edit HTML' tabs menu, and don't forget to give a check sign to the 'Expand Widget Templates'. Now you can modify your HTML code.

After you can access your HTML code, find this code line:

All you need to do is just replace the code above with this code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

Finally, don't forget to Save your Template. Well done, if you have done this tutorial you just make your blog more SEO friendly. Keep in mind that you have to keep reading my next part of Make your Blogger Template more SEO friendly. Good Luck!


Pingler - Ping your blog immediately

Pinging is very important on blogging. After you updated your blog with new content, you should ping your blog with any ping service so search engine is aware about any update in your blog. There are so many ping services out there with different quality and capability. If you looking for the good one, maybe you should try Pingler

Before i get more deeper into Pingler, i will give a basic idea about Ping. What is ping? According to wikipedia, ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. So to ping your blog is a must, and you should not forget this step. Keep in mind that each ping service has different quality. They quality based on the speed, and the number of ping services they provide. I used to use pingomatic as my blog ping service, but recently i turn to Pingler because of the incredible speed, and offer so many ping services. If you are interested, you can visit Pingler and give it a try.

But keep in mind that there are certain things you need to be aware with ping your blog:

  1. Only ping your blog if you have added new content on your blog,
  2. Don't try to ping your blog more than 1 time in a day (24 hours)

You won't need to do two things above, unless you want your blog to be considered as a spam blog. Thus, keep updating your blog everyday, so you can ping as often as possible (once per day), and it will give good impact for your ranking on search engine as well. Happy blogging!

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Start To Make your To-Do List Now

image Do you know that to-do list is a powerful stuff for a blogger? To-Do List will help you focus with your daily blogging activity. Most blogger underrated to-do list since they have already known what things to do when it comes to blogging activity. When they (blogger) start to sit down in front of laptop or computer they actually know what they have to do, is it making a post for their blog, link building campaign, or else.

But in the middle of their tasks, sometimes they get bored with what they did, and so they turn to another activity. Maybee sometimes you feel the same way and surely it's not good if it happens too often. Thus you need to make your to-do list. Make to-do list is easier than to practice it, but I'm sure it will be getting easier to practice if you obey your to-do list from now. If you haven't had any idea about what is to-do list, i give you my simple to-do list which always keeps me on my right track in blogging :)

To - Do


Make a post for my blog 100% (Everyday)
Check comment, layout, and other plug in on my blog. 100%
Explore other blog in my niche 100%
Link Building 70% (once per 2 day)
Participating on Forums 60%

Keep in mind that the example i give you above is my daily to-do list, it means that i do all those tasks everyday (sometimes i don't have enough time because of my school time and works). You can create your to-do list with different style of different activity to do. But i suggest you not to remove the first important task which is Make a Post for your blog. It is very important because blog always needs updated content everyday.

In the end, I would restate that make a to-do list is very important if you want to focus with your blogging activity. Keep consistent if you want to succeed.

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2 Simple Things to do to increase your Blog Comments

image Last night, when i sat down and checked my email, i noticed that someone sent me an email asked me how can i increase my blog comments significantly. He's one of my loyal readers so he knows exactly what happen on my blog since the start of this blog when i get 0 comments each post, until i get about 5-10 comments each post. These 2 simple things which i will explain here don't include something's like: "Make a good post" or "Held a comment contest". I believe that good posts do attract people to comment, so do the comment contests. But i didn't do one of them or even both of them. What i did was...

:: Active on commenting other blog similar to my topic

If you are a blogger, besides making a post to your blog, another must-to-do task for you is exploring other blog which are similar to your topic. Once you found those blog, be active to comment on those blog. What i mean is buzzing the owners of those blog about your existence in this world of blogging by active commenting on those blog. Keep leaving comment(s) everyday on his/her posts. Usually, the blog owner will notice you as the one who keep reading his/her blog, and probably they will come to your blog, and leave comment(s) on your blog post.

If they don't leave comment(s) on your blog, that's fine. It could be their readers who will leave comment on your blog. But still you will see an improvement on the number of your blog comments. I add one thing, to make sure that your task you have done give good input to your blog, i recommend you to only leave comment(s) on dofollow blog (read how to find dofollow blog).

:: Install Dofollow Top Commentators Widget

This is very important! If your blog hasn't had a good number of readerships, to attract more people leaving comment on your blog is by installing dofollow Top Commentators Widget. The reason why Dofollow Top Commentators can attract more people to leave comment(s) on your blog is all about 'Link Juice'. Link Juice mean a good amount of quality backlink point to their blog, so they can improve their Page Rank. Go get dofollow top commentators widget, and install it on your blog.

Those two steps above is making me have a good number of comments each post. How about your opinion? Do you hav another way to increase blog comments?

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Huzzer Comment Contest - $600 Prizes

Do you love commenting to other blog? Or do you love join a contest? If you do, then this is the right contest for you! Huzzer Comment Contest. A kind-hearted blogger Helmi Asyraf Abdullah (founder of held this contest on 22 Oct and will be end on 19 November. Check out the rules and the list of prizes you can win.

:: Rules

The rules is pretty simple. You just need to leave comments on Your comment must be in good quality and genuine. There are no limit of how long your comment should be. Just leave comments as many as you can on and The top 3 commentators will get the prizes.

:: Prizes

There are many prizes for the winners, such as StudioPress premium WordPress theme, 1 year free freedom Hosting Plan, a copy of Ultimate traffic eBook, and more (see the complete list). If you total those prizes, you will see that all those stuffs cost nearly $600. Great huh?

:: Bonus Prizes

The great thing is, even if you don't win the contest you still have a chance to win bonus prizes. To get the bonus prizes, you have to active on promoting this contest by Retweeting, Reviewing, or answering comments on the Huzzer blog. The most active person will get a special gift from Helmi Asyraf Abdullah.

Plus, each participant will also get mystery gifts from Obox Design and WP Web Host, if you also sign up for the contest mailing list (subscribe now)

:: Why I make a post about this

This is an important thing for you. I make this review post about the Huzzer Comment Contest not only for the sake of winning the contest. But i want to show you that comment to other blog is very easy and fun. If you don't win the contest it's okay, the most important thing is that you have built a good relationship with the blog owner, which is good for the growth and development of your blog readership. So, if you are still lazy to comment on other blog, sit down and start action now. Comment on other blog will not harm  your blog, believe me :)