URL shortener-shorten your links now!

image Sometimes you have to post a long URL on a forum, and the system can't handle that Long URL. And what you think you have to do? I suggest you to use URL Shortener. It is free service which offered by hundreds of websites out there. All you need is just copy paste your URL and click Compress that Address!

::. Procedures

  1. Go to http://is.gd/
  2. copy paste the URL you want to compress/shorten on the text box available
  3. click the Compress that Address button
  4. You brought to a new window, and there is a new shortened URL of your previous URL.
  5. You just have to copy paste that shortened URL to any place you want to post it, such as forum posting which might wrap long URL.

::. Purpose and Uses

As i mentioned above, the use of this kind of service is to help you make a new URL which is shorter than your previous URL. It will help you on certain circumtances such as when you want to post a long URL on forum post which might wrap that link, instead of the URL being wrapped, you better shorten it with this URL shortener service.

But, it is not the only uses of URL shortener service, for complete reading you can check: http://is.gd/description.php


Ben said...

Yeh, URL shorteners are great, especially with Twitter. I've never used is.gd before. I'm more of a bit.ly guy, lol. Is there anything special about is.gd that I should know about?

Anonymous said...

Is.gd is good; I have tried it. But, I didn’t find anything special about it; although it serves the primary purpose efficiently. I mostly use bit.ly and aafter.com. Both of them provide some extra facilities along with the key facility of shortening long URLs; especially the 2nd one. You can try this out.

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