View previously open folder after shutdown

Sometimes you want to access certain folders on your computer regularly, but if you have to always open those folder every time you turn on your computer, obviously it takes so much times. So, you can set them re-open automatically every time you turn on your computer. Here is the tip:

  1. Open My Computer
  2. Click Tools and then select Folder Option


3. If you can’t find the Folder Option on the Tools menu, just read the article about Recover Folder Option.

4. If you have clicked it, select View Tabs.

5. Look at the Advanced Setting area, scroll down to bottom and then give checkpoint on the Restore previous folder windows at logon, and then click OK.

6. Now and forever when you log on or restart, your computer will open the previously opened folder for you, as the same location before.


7. Now, when you turn on, restart or log on to your computer, your windows will automatically open the previously opened folder on your computer.


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