Before you buy laptop

At the moment, laptop is not a luxurious stuff for many people. Everyone owns laptop and everyone knows how to use it. Laptop is useful for the mobile person. But many people become hesitate when they are going to buy a laptop consider that laptop is not a low-priced stuff. Moreover, there are so many kinds of laptop offer different specs (specification) with different price also. Don’t worry, I tell you some tips which may guide you when you want to buy a new laptop. Here are 4 major tips you need to know before you buy laptop:

1. Consider between your budget and your purpose of buying laptop.

If your purpose of buying laptop is for gaming or designing, you have to choose the specification which offers high quality of VGA Cards, and also offers a high-speed memory.

For mobile person, you can focus on the battery, size of screen, and connectivity like: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IrDA, network card and modem.

2. Choose the longest time of warranty of laptop!

But you may consider with your budget.

3. Regardless of your purpose of buying new laptop, you should consider about the size of screen, weight of laptop, and the long-life of the battery.

If you often use your laptop on the road, you should choose a light laptop with a medium size of screen. It helps you feel comfort when you get used to travel somewhere.

You should also consider about the long-life of the battery. Mostly, laptop’s battery can last until 3 hours without being connected to adapter. If you want to economize the long-life of the battery, you may turn off the connectivity of your laptop like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

4. You should also consider about the selling-price of the laptop.

When you are going to buy a new laptop, you have to consider about its selling-price. I also recommend you not to buy a laptop which its spare parts are uneasy to find on the market.

I hope those tips will be helpful for you who are going to buy a new laptop. Thank you.


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