Partitioning your Hard Drive

For people who have computers, surely they don’t want to have only a hard drive in their computers. Instead, they need some hard drive (commonly 2 or 3) in their computer, so they can group their private data, system files, or their other stuff. So, an ability to partition hard drive is needed in order to group your stuff in your computer.

Disk partitioning is the creation of separate divisions of a hard disk drive using partition editors. Once a disk is divided into several partitions, directories and files of different categories may be stored in different partitions. More partitions provide more control but too many become cumbersome. The way space management, access permissions and directory searching are implemented depends upon the type of file system installed on a partition. Careful consideration of the size of the partition is necessary as the ability to change the size depends on the file system installed on the partition.

Partitioning your Hard Drive in Windows XP & Windows 2000:

  1. Right click on My Computer, then click Manage
  2. Then, Windows will open up Manage Screen. On the left pane, select Disk Management
  3. Usually, Windows will open up wizard to help partition and format your new drive. If it does not, right click the new drive in the lower pane and select initialize drive.


  1. Right click on the new drive and select new partition
  2. Then it will open up a wizard to help you partition your hard drive.
  3. In this step it will then prompt you how much drive space you want to allocate to the new partition.
  4. If you choose not to use the full space of your main hard drive for your new partition disk, you can make up additional partition in the same way up to 4 partition hard drive per disk.
  5. If you have done, you will be asked to name your partition. (C: , D: )
  6. After you named all of your partition, you have to format your new partition hard drive, which Windows will prompt to do automatically.
  7. If the formatting is complete, you have to reboot your computer to see the result.


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