Batch File encryption and free download

Sometimes when you just finished your own batch file, you want everyone use your batch file. But, it becomes a problem when you can’t encrypt the command line in your batch file. Don’t worry guys, cause I have a cool tip to solve it and tell you where to download the software FREE! Cause I know you all love freebies.

  1. First, you have to download the software on
  2. After you finished the download, install the software on your computer.
  3. Screenshot :


4. After you done with the installation process, open the Quick Batch File Compiler.
5. Once you will see a window, just like the screenshot above.
6. To encrypt your batch file become exe file, click File on the toolbar and select Open (for shortcut, you can use Ctrl+O)
7. Locate where your batch file exist and click open.
8. Once you will see your batch file command line appear on the Source Tab.
9. If you sure about encrypt it become an exe file just click the Build Button on toolbar.


10. Once you will see a pop-up window, and specify the location where you want to place your new exe file.


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