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image Previously, i have told you about how to find high paying keywords using Keyword Tool External . That free tool must give you inspiration and such great infomation about what high paying keywords suit your topic/niche. But, have you ever felt that sometimes you have loaded your posting with high paying keywords, but your click value is too cheap or low? You were wondering why could this happen, but nobody gave you better idea. Haha, i know your pain folk! Honestly, sometimes i feel the same way, i have loaded my posting with high paying keywords, but every click to my ads displayed there cost too cheap. But why do we always complaining about this? complain doesn't solve the problem right? Just now, i found this great free tool (maybe some of you have discovered this before), it's called Google Traffic Estimator this easy free service let you know the exact volume search of your keywords, Estimated CPC, and the best part is it gives you the Estimated Ads position, Estimated click per day, and also Estimated cost per day. Great Huh? keep reading guys!

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First you have to go to :

  1. Enter Keywords, as usual, you should enter what keywords that you want to know the search Volume, estimated ads position, estimated click per day, and also estimated cost per day.
  2. Choose Currency, Select the currency of your estimated CPC.
  3. Choose Daily budget, i don't know exactly what this section for. But i guess that this for analyze the amount that advertiser want to spend money to their ads. Leave it blank if you not sure.
  4. Select targetting, allow you to select Language and Location targetting. I guess i know what should do in this section =)
  5. Select Countries, allow you to select specific region, or country. I suggest you to select All Countries and Territories option since your visitors are coming from every country of the world.



::. Analyze !

After you set all of those setting, just click continue to know the result of your previously entered keywords.






Once you will see screen shot just like above, you'll see that in my experiment, i entered google adwords as my keywords, well let's analyze it one by one. The search volume of this keywords is rather high, it could be seen by looking at the Search volume bar. the estimated Avg. CPC is High, it range about 1-2 dollars (as they said, estimated means that this is not a precise amount), next you could see where this keywords displayed in an Ads, the same way as Estimated Clicks per day, and estimated cost per day.

So now you don't have to complain about your cheap value of your click anymore. Google gives us many great tools. All we have to do is to optimize those great tools to increase our earning. And don't give up on Adsense. Good Luck all!

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argyll2002 said...

Thanks for the info, i have used this tool a few times and have found it to be very useful, many thanks

wazzupweb said...

wow! Your blog looks amazing! You have a wonderful template now pal! Looks neat and professional :) well done bro!

mytheory said...

nice to hear it bro!
i've just changed my template b'coz i think the previous template looked untidy, and the ads performance is not so good. so i changed to this new template, and hope all my reader like it.
thx bro!

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wow,, saya gak ngerti english tapi tetep nice info friends.. keep sharing yaw.. jangan lupa main2 ke kenali dan kunjungi objek wisata di pandeglang, thanks

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great post pal...


nonny said...

I gave up on ADsense because i thought it was all wrong for me. I wish i had seen this before i did. just like wazzupweb said, your blog looks so professional, i love your tips and how you explain them. have you ever thought of writing a book?

glitterfaith said...

interesting stuff

mytheory said...

thx for the compliment..
no,i never thought to write a book.
but if i have enough time and inspiration, maybe i will make an e-book

Vinay Rai said...

I would say that your blog is informative.But a tip from my side is that try and reduce the number post per page so that the loading time is less and more number of people visit your blog,Thanks.

mytheory said...

@Vinay Rai:
thx for your suggestion, i will consider to reduce the number of my post per page.

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Only traffic can bring you money and of course good content.

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you can also try It's a great tool.

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