5 Reason Why People Fail in AdSense

image At the beginning, many people are very attracted with adsense PPC program. They think it would be easy to have a decent income from it. But as the time goes by, most of them think that it's not that easy to make money with AdSense. Some of them even thought that AdSense is just a scam program. Well, that was a little example about how difficult earning money in Adsense. But, many of you have not discovered yet why most people fail in their AdSense journey. And mytheory come with this topic about 5 Reason Why People Fail in Adsense. I take this topic from the author of MWolkBlog who has discovered the bittersweet of adsense. Check his opinion out:

5 Reason Why People Fail in AdSense

1. Failing to understand that It is not get rich quick scheme - This is the single most biggest reason why people fail in adsense. People think it is get rich quick method where you can make instant money in matter of months but it is not. Infact very good number of people don’t even make it $100 after months.

2. Gives too much value and time on SEO and Link Building - Lot of people spend time in building backlinks and exploring SEO and all kind of stuff which don’t help them staying focused. I don’t think learning SEO and doing link building helps beginners to make money from adsense, just stick to basic and write quality content.

3. Do not put quality content - Instead of putting useful quality content, people starts copying content from everywhere or start posting poor quality articles, this kind of content don’t take the site very far in organic traffic and eventually the person quits.

4. Not being consistent enough - I had talked about Consistency in second point, this is very important, you can’t make money in any business unless you are not consistent enough. You need to keep on doing same over months after months, and only then you will see the results. If you keeps on quitting after few months, you won’t find yourself reaching very far from where you had started.

5. Uses wrong methods and eventually gets banned - People who work unethically and don’t know what they are doing, they are surely on the way to failure in adsense. Involving in click fraud, automated traffic generation, giving away warez and not following google adsense TOS will most likely result in ban, eventually putting all your effort into vein.

Well, it was an eye-opening opinion right? At least it was for me. Especially the second Reason. He said that lot of people only focused on SEO thing, and they do not even focused on writing a good content. Personally, Building SEO of your webpage/weblog is as important as building quality content, but keep in mind that you have to be focused on both stuffs. If you feel it's hard to implement, try to do the basic first like write quality content, not copy pasting other's article to your blog.

Good Luck on AdSense!

Taken and edited from MWolkBlog .


Mzadragon said...

I've heard that many people who used Adsense legitimately got banned as soon as they reached their first $100. As a result they are boycotting Adsense. Think there is any truth to that?

mytheory said...

no.. i haven't heard about that news..
maybe i will search that topic later.
but i think if we play clean on adsense, adsense will not banned us like that way.

Saamuraai said...

its mostly correct!!

anicam said...

i have reach my first $100 yet i wasn't banned

Lagawan said...

well, I've reached my first $100 for almost 2 years now but I didn't get banned so i thank the rumors is not true. my friends have been with adsense for 3 years and earn 4digits already but they are still with adsense..

mytheory yup! almost all newbies who tried adsense tried to click their ads to generate more money at the beginning that's why some got banned in the system.


mytheory said...

thx 4 sharing your experience here.
i believe that if we playing clean with adsense we also get a decent money from it.
Good Luck for you!

maybe now you know that adsense is fair

Administrator said...

Great it was useful for me too, i will focus what he said. Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

My blog has not yet been approved by adsense've a week, why? I can ask for directions?

mytheory said...

first of all, before google can approve your account, google will check your posts on your blog. Google will check the originality,and the content. Is it violating pornography,hacking,crime,etc.
And,google will also check the number of your post. At least you should have 10 post on your blog before you apply on Google Adsense account.
And if those tips still not helping you.
Feel free to leave your URL here, and i will check soon

Learn To Write Blog said...

nice and important article for blogger who want to make money with adsense. Thanks

Analou and Bones said...

Sorry, I thought I can't leave a comment here and so I leave it at your cbox.

Thank you for sharing this information. It is an eye opener to those who rely on adsense as their source of income.

MelCole said...

yeah, adsense just make bloggers unhappy. can't earn much in it. m desperate though.

MelCole said...

It's really doubbtful for me too. Heck about adsense!

giojahn said...

I have fallen to some of these traps. Yes, it is an eye opener and hope I can move out of it. I'll just write good thoughts that I have and leave it for now. Thanks.

Paranormal Quest said...

Clear and concise definition of do's and dont's with adsense.

Nice informative post.

younganddelirious said...

I just started blogging and got adsense.... although i hate to admit it, I kind of thought of it as get-rich quick scheme but after the first week and no clicks I came back to reality. I guess i have to just work hard and hope for the best!

Anonymous said...

Well, you see I honestly followed all rules of AdSense, but they say that I have not verified my PIN, so I am a not eligible for showing ads. Result, all blogs without AdSense ads and some banned for breaking the rules. I never received any mail for PIN. I wonder if being honest leads to punishment. How I feel is not issue because I have no way to prove that I am not a cheater or fraud or trying to be rich. I have written hundreds of original articles. I do not know what to do...wait...and...see! Thanks!

mytheory said...

if you're not eligible for showing ads because you haven't verified your PIN which has not been sent to you, then you can contact Adsense for this issue, and usually they will send you the PIN again.
Good Luck!

steppinout said...

I agree that AdSense is not a getting rich quick scheme. Need to focus on the quality of your blog first, traffic, blog niche, your target odeans (readers).

AdSense formula is easy as Content + Traffics + Clicks = Money

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