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image I will start this time posting with a question: If you are a blogger, are you satisfied with the number of your traffic so far? I guess the answer is NO. People always need more and more, so do blogger. But the problem is, how can we increase our blog traffic with no money but reliable? I believe 'reliable' is relative depends on each person. But if you seek formula to increase your blog traffic free of charge. Maybe i can help you. Entrecard gives you a lot of features that can increase your blog traffic. We can discovered many blog with entrecard, even we can advertise on other member's blog which has higher alexa rank than ours. Keep reading this posting and i will explain you how to use Entrecard to increase blog traffic.


::. Step-by-Step

  1. Go to www.entrecard.com
  2. Click on Sign Up tab menu.
  3. Once you have to fill the form with appropriate information.
  4. On the entrecard style. You can select which type you like. You can select silver, green, orange, or even upload your own logo (the logo must be 125x123 JPEG or PNG file).
  5. Click Sign up button on the bottom of the page.
  6. Next you have to choose your widget. Take a look at those widget, select one you think it's good for your blog template, copy the HTML code and Next.
  7. After that, all you need to do is just waiting for the approval. If your blog is updated consitently , i have no doubt that your blog will be approved.

::. Increase your Blog Traffic with Entrecard

Entrecard is a free blogging network that helps you build traffic, get more readers, and network with other bloggers. Basically all you have to do is just visit (read: DROP) to other member's blog so you can earn Entrecard point (EC point). Each time you visit other member's blog, you gain 1 EC point. And what's the use of EC point? EC point is very useful, because if you have EC point, it means that you can advertise on other's members blog. The cost of advertising on other member's blog is various. The cheapest is 2 EC point but the most expensive costs 16384 EC point.

There is an Etiquette in visiting other member's blog. It is you should leave a comment on the last post of the blog before you click DROP button on their widget. It's not necessary, but it would be great if you do it so you can gain many comment on your blog.

::. Campaign

I said earlier that the basic system of entrecard is earning EC point through visiting other member's blog. How to do that? Well, it's very easy. here's the steps:

  1. Go to the 'Campaign' tab menu.
  2. Next you will see various Entrecard categories, you can select anything categories you want to visit. But i prefer to select category that same with my category.
  3. Click the category.
  4. There you go. Visit the site by site.
  5. Each time you have visit the site, all you have to do is just click DROP button on his Entrecard WIdget.image
  6. After you click that Drop button, you will see a 'Thank You' appeared and the 'Drop' text dissapeared.
  7. Visit as many site as possible. But the limit is just 300 sites a day.






Finally, i hope this tutorial helping you to understand how to increase traffic with entrecard. If you still don't understand about how to use entrecard, you can go to http://entrecard.com/docs/ . Thanks, good luck!




Mithilesh dubey said...

sir namaskar, i like your blog and also tips which you provide for us its very nice. But i am requesting you if you can then plese provide the all tips in hindi, because as for as i am concern i think its a hindi aggregater, so sir please.

wazzupweb said...

very well explained pal :)

wazzupweb said...

very well explained pal :)

Vinay Rai said...

I use entrecard and I like the traffic that I am getting using it.

how to write a successful blog

Foreign Exchange Tips and Tricks said...

just sign up after reading this article
nice info :)

Lina said...

$$$ Join here to get thousands of visitors to your site/blog everyday$$$


Darmawan said...

Yep.. Entrecard is a great site to increase traffic. I joined it and feel drastic difference in visitors per day. But I still don't know how to view all of our droppers since it's limited to 15 only on dashboard. Any idea?

mytheory said...

i don't know about how to show all of our EC dropper since i never care about who's dropping at me. My goal is to achieve the top of the directory of my topic by campaigning 300 drops per day.

cornyman said...


Just look at your Dashboard in the Menu point "DROPS INBOX". It's the fourth tab from the left side!

There you can find all the members who dropped on you!


Sorry, to say this is less useful when you don't reciprocate the drops.
By doing randomly 300 drops your popularity don't get a massive boost.
Popularity in EntreCard is the amount of drops you get on your widget in the last 5 day!

You can see my blog on TOP of Finance and Investing and it's now in the overall TOP 30. To get into the TOP 15 you have to advertise additionally on more than 5 TOP BLOGS daily (which will cost you around 2.000 EC daily!).

Here is an interesting article about How to get fast popular within Entrecard.

Within 10 days you should achieve a very good rank already, proven by me and many others!

GreedyGirl said...

Thanks for the info I just joined Entrecard about a week ago (which by the way is how I found your site) So far i have gotten about 20-30 new visitors a day from entracard. And this is without advertising. I haven't gotten as many comments and i can't confirm if this will generate true readers but the little boost a day makes it worth it.

You also find other interesting blogs in your niche

mytheory said...

first off, welcome to my blog pal!
i really appreciate your info about entrecard.
now i know what factor does give effect on popularity in Entrecard. I have to admit it that i don't know about that idea. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here pal!
good luck!

Joe said...

I'm definitely going to check this out!

sraseef said...

Thanks for post. It’s really informative stuff.
I really like to read.Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here!


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