How to Increase your Blog's Page Views

image Page Views is one of the important parameter to gauge a blog's popularity. Blog Page Views indicate the amount of page(post) which are read by a visitor per one time visit. Blog with high popularity, or have many useful content can achieve 5 page views average, it means user who visit his/her blog averagely read 5 of their posts on his/her blog. You see how important Blog Page Views is. There are so many ways to increase your Blog's Page Views, and i will explain it for you.

How to Increase Blog's Page Views

Here are 5 easy steps to increase your Blog's Page Views:

  1. Show your Related Posts/Article
    It is classic but sometimes it works. This is the most common way to increase your blog page views. You can show The Related Posts at the bottom of each post you have. Readers tend to read posts which are related to the previous post he have read.
  2. Interlink Within Posts
    What is Interlink? It means your blog contains links whic point to other page of your blog. I have tried this method and this is very good. Besides it will help you increase your Blog's Page Views, it will give you high quality backlink to your blog.
  3. Popular Posts
    Every blog has popular Posts. Popular Posts is the post which has high exposure from the readers. By putting Popular Posts widget on your Blog Page, you have more chance to increase your Blog's Page Views. In my point of view, Popular Posts divided by two: Popular Posts based on how many comments does the post have, or how many times the post is read by user. You can practice one of them on your blog to help increase your Blog's Page Views.
  4. Writing series of Posts
    Every successful blog has one thing in common: Series of posts. They provide tutorial/tips 'n trick in many series. They don't only provide many series posts, but they provide helpful tutorial (such as SEO stuffs, writing course, or even weblog contest). It compels readers to stay tuned on his/her blog. Of course the blog's Page Views increase dramatically.
  5. Be Interactive!
    This is the different between blog and static website. Blog has more value of interaction to readers than static websites have. Be Interactive with your readers, answer their questions, make a poll, or even give them prize can make good interaction between blogger(you) and your readers. In my opinion, daily updated posts also make good interaction between blogger and readers.

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Itik Bali said...

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yeah sure u all right..unique articles is very important..

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Gerard Martin said...

Successful blogs are those that have high page views. I liked the tips that you mentioned. Those are good strategies that can allow easy navigation on a certain site.

Last year, we launched our website with the help of a web development (Toronto) expert. Unlike other static websites, a web designer (Toronto) made our site very interactive. They included social media links and comment boxes. That helped us in understanding the needs of our target market. We will be applying the other tips that you mentioned in our next site update. Thanks!

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