How to Find High Paying Keywords

image When I show off this post: increasing adsense using competitive ads filter on one of blog community, a member ask me how could he finds High Paying Keywords related to his topic. Well, it was my fault that i didn't tell everyone how to find high paying keywords before i post something about increasing their adsense earnings. But don't worry guys, this time i will tell you how to find High Paying Keywords. And this tutorial about Finding High Paying Keywords tells you how to do that free of charge. No need to waste your money now, sit down and read through this tutorial. Let's go!

Straight to point. I will try to tell you the step by step about how to find high paying keywords using Keywords Tool External (Free service offered by Google). This step is pretty easy and the best thing is: IT's FREE!

  1. Once you see a page like this one:
  2. Answer the question: How would you like to generate keyword ideas? with giving a check point to Descriptive words or phrases.
  3. Beside it, you'll see an empty text box; type your keyword on that box. i.e:adsense.
  4. If you have sure about the keyword you wanna know, click the 'Get Keyword Ideas' button below the text box.
  5. Oh, before you click that button, you need to type the captcha characters to prevent spamming. :)
  6. Well, a list of keywords has appeared, but your job has not completely done, you need to determine how much the CPC (cost per click) of your keywords would gonna be. Thus, on the 'Choose column to display' drop box, pull it down and select show estimated CPC .
  7. Last but not least, on the Calculate estimates using a different maximum CPC bid section, you have to select US dollars currency and type 5 on the text box next to US dollars currency.
  8. Click Recalculate
  9. Voila! You'll be able to determine which ones is high paying keywords or which ones is low paying keywords.
  10. Enjoy this stuff!


superb said...

i have been looking for something like this for a long time...
and you share it well
thx !

kang tatang said...

Yes, great info.
now I know why you have such a better blog here :)


ansav said...

Oh My God, I have been Use this tool for long time but I don't know about this use. thanks a lot

bisnis online said...

Thanks for sharing
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Twoheadsrbetterthanone said...

I really don't know about what is adwords but now, i guess you gave an idea about it. thank you...

LOCAL said...

great post very interesting.. Thanks for the info keep it up

Roflopagos Island said...

I've always wanted to know hoe to do this. Thanks!

Roflopagos Island said...

Always wanted to know how to do thia! Thanks.

Brienne said...

Great post, I will try it out. Hope I'll get some high paying ads.

Asif Raza said...

thanks buddy,for this information.

different cat breeds said...

What to do with the high-paying keywords? How can i make it up in my website?

mytheory said...

@different cat breeds:
high paying keywords work well if you implement it with adsense website. I have checked your site, and glad to see that it is a wordpress. If you put adsense ads on your blog and you want to maximize your earnings with your blog, try to fill the meta tags keywords with high paying keywords related to your topic. Simply ask me if you have another question.
Good Luck :) said...

Nice heal.

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