Adsense CPC : Increase Adsense Earnings?

Adsense CPC or known as Adsense Cost per Click is the first thing we have to research if we want to increase our Adsense Earnings. We always emphasize high Adsense CPC before we are going to choose which keywords will boost up our earnings. Is there something wrong with it? No, actually not. But many people only focused on that Adsense CPC without paying attention on other factor which will influence their Adsense Earning.

So, what is the other factor influence our Adsense Earning? Well, according to the adsense support page, I found at least 5 important factors influence our earning (Including the Adsense CPC itself).

  1. Traffic
    Yep, Traffic is the most important aspect! If you have a blog with high Adsense CPC, it’s not worth it, if you don’t have high traffic. And the traffic itself divided into many kind of traffic, there are organic Traffic (traffic from search engine), referral (might be from links or advertisements), or direct traffic. Each kind of traffic has different quality. Some says that organic traffic (traffic from search engine) is the most valuable traffic. Why? Because from organic traffic we can expect high click cost. But, no one sure about this idea, there are other factors which influence our earnings besides Traffic, especially Organic Traffic.
  2. Cost-per-Click (Adsense CPC)
    Aha, we come to this aspect. Adsense CPC. What is it? Adsense CPC is the amount an advertiser pays each time a user clicks on his/her ad. So, the Adsense CPC is determined by the advertiser (you can check out how to analyze Adsense CPC here: How to find high paying keywords). If the advertisers willing to pay more for their ads, it means that ads has high CPC, if it get clicked by user(s), it will give you high amount of earnings.
  3. Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
    Clickthrough Rate is the number of ads is clicked divided by the number the ads is shown. Example, if your ads is clicked 10 times and that ads is displayed 1000 times then you get 1% of CTR. The number of CTR will vary depends on the websites or blog. But the average CTR is below 4% CTR and above 0,5 CTR.
  4. Effective CPM (eCPM)
    Known as Earning per 1000 impressions. eCPM helps you estimate how much will you earn per 1000 impressions you have. The formula of eCPM is rather easy= the earnings you got one day divided by the number of ads clicked multiply it by 1000. Keep in mind that this is only an estimated value.
  5. Content
    Whoop. Save the best for last dude! The content of your blog/websites is important factor too! If you have good content, it’s easier for crawlers to provide the right targeted ads for your blog/websites.

The combination of all those factors will help you get higher earnings on Adsense. So do not only focus on one aspect of factors. Do not emphasize Adsense CPC only, but optimize all aspects for your better earnings. Good Luck.

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saad said...

nice info , applied it on my blog and now getting around $3/click. you are right seo is very important, and people who find the site using search engine click your ad , u'll get triple the amount of ad , because search engine see's that site is in top 10 so it puts very expensive ads, so i'll say seo is important , i m still learning to optimize the site more. Thanks. Check out my blog.

mytheory said...

happy to hear that! yes, organic traffic is better than any other traffic.

Structured settlements said...

yea man! but i am working hard on seo , getting on top is not an easy job

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Mytheria Arcuz said...

Your post is really helpful since my blog do have poor CPC. I hope that I will be able to improve it through following your guidelines.

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