Content is the Reason Why I come back to your Blog

image "Content is the King", "Great Content=Great Traffic", "Great Content=More Comments"

We often heard those quotes all time. The masters of blogging always say like that. Good Traffic come from your great Content. But, some of blogger feel it's just difficult to make a good content/post for their blog. And finally, the things end up in plagiarizing other people content/post. Uhh, that sounds bad huh? I hope all of you have known that Search Engine hates plagiarized content. So the trouble become bigger. On the one side we have to make great content but we can't, on the other side as blogger we also have to update our post continually. So how can we solve this? Let me tell you the techniques that i use to solve all those problem.

Here are the sequence that i use to make at least simple but useful content for my blog:

  1. Find your Inspiration
    Well, i think this is the most difficult part for me. If Einstein said: success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. For me on make good post, it is more to be 50% perspiration and 50% inspiration. With just a mediocre topic for your today post/article you want to share with your reader, it is very useful for you! So how to get that WOW inspiration? Do some research on Search Engine. See how other people write their ideas, and you can copy their idea but you should develop it with your own style of writing.
  2. Gather infomations of your topic as much as you can
    How come we make good post/content if we don't have MUCH information about our niche/topic? For me it's prohibited to bluff your reader with your fake info. Even in some case if you feel you are expert at your topic, it's not the reason you don't have to research about your topic on internet. You have to see how other people write about your topic you expert on, analyze it, and be different!
  3. Spew and Review
    Once you have had that WOW inspiration and you have enough info about what you are going to write. Try to write down all of your idea without paying attention with your grammar or language structure (unless your blog is about language learning). After you finished, review it and do some editing that fits you.
  4. Sighs!
    Voila, your job is done! Feel satisfied with your work now, but do it better next!

Okay guys, that's the technique i use to make my content. If you like it you can pratice it, but if you think my technique sucks, it's okay! i believe that every people has their own style of doing their job. Success!

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Progress said...

Great, article thanks.

Lena said...

Number 1 is the toughest, don't you think? Seriously, it is not only about getting inspiration but about writing it down the way that people will be all "awww" and "wow"

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