Start To Make your To-Do List Now

image Do you know that to-do list is a powerful stuff for a blogger? To-Do List will help you focus with your daily blogging activity. Most blogger underrated to-do list since they have already known what things to do when it comes to blogging activity. When they (blogger) start to sit down in front of laptop or computer they actually know what they have to do, is it making a post for their blog, link building campaign, or else.

But in the middle of their tasks, sometimes they get bored with what they did, and so they turn to another activity. Maybee sometimes you feel the same way and surely it's not good if it happens too often. Thus you need to make your to-do list. Make to-do list is easier than to practice it, but I'm sure it will be getting easier to practice if you obey your to-do list from now. If you haven't had any idea about what is to-do list, i give you my simple to-do list which always keeps me on my right track in blogging :)

To - Do


Make a post for my blog 100% (Everyday)
Check comment, layout, and other plug in on my blog. 100%
Explore other blog in my niche 100%
Link Building 70% (once per 2 day)
Participating on Forums 60%

Keep in mind that the example i give you above is my daily to-do list, it means that i do all those tasks everyday (sometimes i don't have enough time because of my school time and works). You can create your to-do list with different style of different activity to do. But i suggest you not to remove the first important task which is Make a Post for your blog. It is very important because blog always needs updated content everyday.

In the end, I would restate that make a to-do list is very important if you want to focus with your blogging activity. Keep consistent if you want to succeed.

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moonheart said...

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David Shaw said...

Maybe you should drop to doing a post every other day.

Then if you have time to write a post, schedule it in for your next available spot!

P.s - Contest goes live today! Don't forget!

green said...

good one..
i have my to do list on ppr..
the old way..

mytheory said...

@David Shaw:
I never forget about it David :)

steppinout said...

Nice sharing thought. 1 post/day doesn't seems right for me, 2 or 3 days/post is perfect for me and sometimes I still miss it.

mytheory said...

yea.. it's not easy to achieve it. But i believe that somehow quality can beat quantity. Keep up your good work!

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