Alexa Rank : Underrated or Overrated?

alexa rank Many blogger have known Alexa Rankings. Alexa Ranking is well-known among people because it is considered as a website which offers pretty accurate data about traffic of a website. If you are ads publishers, you must know that most advertisement networks use Alexa Ranks as a scoring system for your websites/blog, it means if your website has high alexa rank, perhaps your website gets high stars from the admin. But, in the other side, many people underrated alexa rank, they said that alexa rank system has many weakness, and very easy to cheat on it.

Why you should pay attention to your alexa rank?

  1. Alexa Ranking system is too outstanding in internet world. Both newbie and professional internet marketer know this term: Alexa Rank. Absolutely, we can't fight against this stream, just follow the trends because it won't harms you neither your websites.
  2. Most advertisement networks use Alexa Rank as one of their judgment to your blog. It's pretty hard for your blog to be approved if your alexa ranks above 500K.
  3. High Alexa ranking gives a good branding to your site. If you have high alexa ranking (let's say above 20K), people will naturally think that your site is very popular, good, and also profitable. This gives such a good domino effect for your websites (more direct advertisers for your sites, more visitors).

I hope you agree with the good effect you will get, if you have a site with high alexa ranking. So, many people chase for that thing: High Alexa Ranking. And this produce a black-technique to increase alexa ranking (i won't tell you the black-hat secrets to increase alexa, you should search it by yourself). And this becomes the main weak point of Alexa Ranking system. Their system is easy-to-cheat, people can easily boost their ranks up to 10K, make it not reliable anymore.

We come to the conclusion now. My conclusion is: don't give too much attention to your alexa ranks, don't be afraid if your alexa ranks is too low, I believe that if you have a good content inside your blog, the traffic will come to you and at the same time your alexa ranking starts to climb up.

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InternetHow Blog said...

I also, don't rely on alexa, when I purchase ads. As you said, there are ways to cheat the alexa ranking. But, I still use alexa to analyse my own blog's traffic. It gives reliable information such as bounce rate, countries visitors come from, etc. Also, I know that I don't use any of the black-hat methods, so I can rely on the information that alexa provides.

mytheory said...

Yes, you can rely on Alexa if you don't use any of the black-hat techniques.
But i prefer to analyze my visitors through google analytics. Alexa rank is more like a prestige for me :)

Anonymous said...

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Article Directory said...

Using Alexa gives me a quick look at traffic ranking, but I use for most of my sites.
AWstats which way better.

mytheory said...

@Article Directory:
actually, i don't know about AWstats until you told me so, i will try it soon. Thanks for the info

Mark Pack said...

I recently compared Alexa's data against other data sources for the same blog, and Alexa doesn't seem to come out well:

Blog Handbook said...

In my opinion the Alexa rank is total bull. When you look at a sites alexa rank, you can not know before hand if it is spoofed or not. When people have the option of faking the rank, then no-one can use the rank for any kind of indication of the sites actual popularity.

Another point is that some sites have a higher alexa rank only because of their sites niche. Certain type of audience use Alex toolbar more than others and it also makes comparing sites really hard.

atlanta fence said...

I agree about alex ranking just meaning presige to website owners. Real tracking should be done with something like google analytics. The difference is you can easily compare your alex ranking to others.

cheap valentine flowers said...

what rank on alexa do I need to get sitelinks for my google listing? How do I get sitelinks?

keyword analysis software said...

I agree again with your words.
Alexa rank is waaay too overvalued.
People don't care about that anymore :)

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