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Pinging is very important on blogging. After you updated your blog with new content, you should ping your blog with any ping service so search engine is aware about any update in your blog. There are so many ping services out there with different quality and capability. If you looking for the good one, maybe you should try Pingler

Before i get more deeper into Pingler, i will give a basic idea about Ping. What is ping? According to wikipedia, ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. So to ping your blog is a must, and you should not forget this step. Keep in mind that each ping service has different quality. They quality based on the speed, and the number of ping services they provide. I used to use pingomatic as my blog ping service, but recently i turn to Pingler because of the incredible speed, and offer so many ping services. If you are interested, you can visit Pingler and give it a try.

But keep in mind that there are certain things you need to be aware with ping your blog:

  1. Only ping your blog if you have added new content on your blog,
  2. Don't try to ping your blog more than 1 time in a day (24 hours)

You won't need to do two things above, unless you want your blog to be considered as a spam blog. Thus, keep updating your blog everyday, so you can ping as often as possible (once per day), and it will give good impact for your ranking on search engine as well. Happy blogging!

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Tinh said...

Yes, I used this tool since I joined black hat world and felt happy

Neo said...

Thanks for another ping service..I was aware of pingoat and ping-o-matic.


Anonymous said...

Nice article, thanks for some clarification.

Hutchinson said...

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id card said...

nice tools to ping our web,,
thank alot..

keyword analysis software said...

Nice to have this pinging service. I didn't know about it.
I just used pingomatic but now I'm going to try this one.

Jay Allyson said...

I just subscribed to pingler after using the free service for a while. Once you've entered your sites, the service pings all your urls every 3 days automatically. What a time saver!

conferencing software said...

What are the main differences between pingomatic and pingler? I use pingomatic myself and have done for a while.

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