2 Simple Things to do to increase your Blog Comments

image Last night, when i sat down and checked my email, i noticed that someone sent me an email asked me how can i increase my blog comments significantly. He's one of my loyal readers so he knows exactly what happen on my blog since the start of this blog when i get 0 comments each post, until i get about 5-10 comments each post. These 2 simple things which i will explain here don't include something's like: "Make a good post" or "Held a comment contest". I believe that good posts do attract people to comment, so do the comment contests. But i didn't do one of them or even both of them. What i did was...

:: Active on commenting other blog similar to my topic

If you are a blogger, besides making a post to your blog, another must-to-do task for you is exploring other blog which are similar to your topic. Once you found those blog, be active to comment on those blog. What i mean is buzzing the owners of those blog about your existence in this world of blogging by active commenting on those blog. Keep leaving comment(s) everyday on his/her posts. Usually, the blog owner will notice you as the one who keep reading his/her blog, and probably they will come to your blog, and leave comment(s) on your blog post.

If they don't leave comment(s) on your blog, that's fine. It could be their readers who will leave comment on your blog. But still you will see an improvement on the number of your blog comments. I add one thing, to make sure that your task you have done give good input to your blog, i recommend you to only leave comment(s) on dofollow blog (read how to find dofollow blog).

:: Install Dofollow Top Commentators Widget

This is very important! If your blog hasn't had a good number of readerships, to attract more people leaving comment on your blog is by installing dofollow Top Commentators Widget. The reason why Dofollow Top Commentators can attract more people to leave comment(s) on your blog is all about 'Link Juice'. Link Juice mean a good amount of quality backlink point to their blog, so they can improve their Page Rank. Go get dofollow top commentators widget, and install it on your blog.

Those two steps above is making me have a good number of comments each post. How about your opinion? Do you hav another way to increase blog comments?

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Programming Education said...

Ok,but you don't give clearer information about dofollow top commentators widget. What is it?

mytheory said...

Err.. my bad to not intro about Dofollow top commentators widget.
Dofollow commentators widget is a widget that can be installed on any blog, it will display the link of the person who keeps commenting on your blog. Usually you can set how many links of person you want to display on that widget.
Hope it helps.. :)

Programming Education said...

I've search all over the google side.
but nothing i could find to install it.
can i know where to download it?just give me link. =)

mytheory said...

you can refer to this:

the installing process just take a few seconds..
good luck pal :)

InternetHow Blog said...

For sure competitions that rewards top comentators help a lot as well.

mytheory said...

@InternetHow Blog:
of course!
competitions that rewards top commentators help a lot to increase the number of comment. It happens well on you huh? :)
but in here, i share some methods that don't use any competitions style or else.

Fazreen said...

My advice don't link blog success with comment count

InternetHow Blog said...

Yes, but you are asking in your post, ways to increase comments.

Also can you send me you 125x125 ad so I can put it on my site as you were one of the winners. I send you an email, but had no reply.

mytheory said...

Actually, i don't get what just said.
Can you explain more about your opinion?

@InternetHow Blog:
Yes, i have sent my blog logo to your email.
Hope you check it :)

ame said...

hmm nice tips :) I'm not good in make a good post.. And I don't really want to make any comment contest for now. Do you have any tips how to make a good post?

mytheory said...

how to make a good post is really a difficult question. Good post is very relative, someone may judge that your post is good, but else may judge that yours is not. For me, good post consist of 2 major points : The information you give to the readers, and also how you give that info to your readers. If you combine those two thing together in a post, it will produce a really good post.
Hope this will help you :)

Sahil Kotak said...

Comments are very important for a blog and there are many ways to increase comments. Thanks for your post.

jenie said...

it's links links links!

one more thing, at first i thought shoutbox does not count...well, i tseems that it does. mine got deleted and voila pr3 to ZERO. =(

that's why your visit today will be greatly appreciated friend and your msg ;)

mytheory said...

@Sahil Kotak:
you're welcome friend.

thanks for your suggestion! :)

Thecounselor said...

Comments are very important for a blog and there are many ways to increase comments. Thanks for your post.

Tinh said...

Yes, turn your blog into dofollow is the best way

jules67 said...

You do give very valuable tips. Very helpful especially for someone like me. Thanks.

Link Building said...

Sensible, practical, actionable, effective. Brilliant stuff. It just goes to show you how innovative and creative people can be. Thanks a bunch for sharing such useful post with excellent tips with us.

keyword analysis software said...

I agree!
Internet is about reciprocity and installing top Commenters is a good way to have lots of comments and increase your site's content in exchange of a link in your site.
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