Faster your Startup!

Fed up with your time-consuming PC-startup times? Well, previously in my blog i have review about startup blaster, a software which can optimize your startup time, But, I got another simple tips that can optimize your PC startup time, this time i tell you how to do it using msconfig :

First, click Start Button,and click Run,(you can use Windows key+R for instant)

Next, on the textbox appeared, type msconfig.

Then, you'll see a medium-sized dialogue box, this called msconfig box, the 'room' which your startup setting is controlled.

you should select Startup Tab on the top-right pane;to faster your startup time,you should click the 'Disable All' Button

And you'll see that the Startup item on the list are all unchecked, it means that no program will be executed in your next PC startup,but some system file must be executed when startup,usually antivirus system.

Click OK

Restart your computer to see the result.