How to Change Facebook Profile Layout

Hi guys,today i come up with this article:how to change facebook profile layout.

These days,i feel bored with my default layout on my facebook profile. Maybe some of you feel the same way with me. Due to it, i share you how to change facebook profile layout.

To change your facebook profile layout, first you have to go to

Click on ‘Add PageRage Layout to Facebook


And then choose one of those layouts you want to apply on your facebook profile.

When you click on Select, you’ll see a message at the top saying that you need to install Yontoo Layers. Yup,go ahead and install Yontoo layers.

When you are going to install yontoo layers,you have to choose one of browser u currently use.(until i write this content,yontoo only supports IE and firefox browser,any other browser will be supported soon.)


enter in your facebook login details when you are asked to.

When you finished,go back to and choose any new layout you want to apply on your facebook profile.


Note: Yontoo layer is just a virtual layer on your browser screen,it means, other user who don't have installed this layers before,they won't see your new applied layout. Because it doesn't trully change your Facebook page,but only add virtual layers on top of current page site(it works like Greasemonkey).


Hope you enjoy!and feel free to comment this post.Thank you!



Anonymous said...

First comment...

kenmax said...

very useful tips.. I'll use it in my friendster right away...

Anonymous said...

thx kenmax..
hope u enjoy it

Anonymous said...

Waste of time and effort.

The only one who sees the changes to the layout this way is the one who made the changes in the first place.

What's the point of spending any time at all on making your layout unique if nobody gets to see it?

Answer? There is no point.

Anonymous said...

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skilmah said...

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skilmah said...

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