Speed Up your Firefox PartII

Today on ezpctips , I will give you the second article about how to significantly speed up your Firefox. If in the previous article I had taught you about how to speed up your Firefox PartI (haven't read? click here), today, I will give you another tips, that will significantly speed up your firefox.

Okay, no need to waste your time..
Do you know what is extension and 'plug in' on web browser jargons? well, based on webopedia.com plug in is A hardware or software module that adds a specific feature or service to a larger system. The idea is that the new component simply plugs in to the existing system. So, you can see clearly that plug in working with the system of your web browser. It means : more plug in or extension as well, more harder for your system to open a page on your web browser. So it is necessary to limit the number of plug in and extension you running on firefox.

To disable some junk extension and plug in on your firefox;
On firefox toolbar, click Tools or you can use Alt+T shortcut to open it, and then select Add-ons.
Once, you'll see a box that contain a numerous plugins and extension running on your sy
stem, To disable some of them, select one of the plugins, and click disable button, My tips is just disable some plugins or extension which you rare use or maybe you don't knowwhat is it for.
After you done, restart your firefox or just simply close your firefox and open it.

You will feel the difference after you applicate this tips. Thanks..

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