STARTUP BLASTER : make your windows startup faster

Just as usual,i will give you free software,and some review about it. In this moment,I give you Startup Blaster for free.Startup Blaster is a software made by XenCare,like it called,its function is to faster your windows startup. So,this software is right for those who fed up with slow startup on your windows operating system.

Actually,there are some reason behind slow startup on your computer,one most considerable is your startup system that contain:

  • Startup Entries to run associated services for programs
  • Startup Entries to run the program on windows startup
  • Startup Entries to load some DLL sometime to run the corresponding program
  • and some other entries within your startup system

Those things automaticaly added in your startup system when you install various programs on your computer. Therefore, you can filter what startup entries that windows should load it or not when windows startup. Just click Windows,point to Run,and type msconfig,click on the startup section,there you can check and uncheck startup entries windows should load it or not.



But,if this trick doesn't work effectively on your computer,you should spend some time to try Startup Blaster. I tell you, it has a simple interface, so it doesn't difficult you when you are using it.



There, you can wheter delete or delay Startup programs, which give you a flexibility of doing your computer things. Click this link below to download Startup Blaster.

Download Startup Blaster


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