Recuva 1.24 | Easily restore your missing files

image Hey guys,this time ezpctips come up with review plus free download of Recuva 1.24. Recuva 1.24 is the best solution for searching your missing file on your computer,Recuva 1.24 can be easily used to search and restore your missing file on computer or any portable media.


::. Screenshot

Recuva 1.24 is a freeware by piriform Ltd, A software that is able to recover missing or deleted files or data. The good score of this software is its friendly user-interface.Though,Recuva 1.24 also available on Advanced mode,which provide:preview box,header,and 'info' contains all information of the missing or deleted files.So,in the info box, we can see where is the file was located ago,the condition of the file;there are 3 condition:Excellent,Poor,and Unrecoverable.

The setting mode(option mode) on Recuva is pretty easy. On the option mode, we can choose the language appeared,set what type of the program look liked(List View,Tree View,or Thumbnails view),and for intermediate, Recuva provides Advanced Setting mode, on it they can configure the secure overwriting mode(Simple,DOD,NSA,or Gutmann).

::. Download

You can easily and freely download the installer of Recuva 1.24 on this link: Recuva 1.24


After downloading Recuva, it will be very appreciated,if you leave your comment of this program(Recuva.1.24) below on comment box,thank you: All computer tips


Anonymous said...

yah bro.. ane kagak ngarti bhasa english, maklum kagak gaul...hehe.. tp recuva emang mantaab, ane pernah nyoba ini.. buat yg laen, ayo coba recuva, di jamin seeepp.. keep share

Anonymous said...

hai aa.LiL
sebelumnya thx ud kasih komen.
ehm..sebenarny klo krg ngerti bhs inggris,blog ini bisa d terjemahin pake widget Google Translate di sebelah kanan koq,jadi g perlu sush2 lagi^^
Trus,ttg Recuva;Recuva emg bagus,simple dan easy.Freeware lagi hehe...
Yang ini juga g kalah bagus lho bro:
File Scavenger 3.2 Portable need NO KEY
silahkan coba.Thx

Tarun said...

I really found this very useful.Thanks bro.Keep posting things like this one.

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