How to Disable Autoplay

This time on All computer tips I will tell you how to disable Autoplay menu. As you know, disable autoplay menu is necessary to prevent your PC from dangerous virus which is maybe come from any portable media you connected to PC (it can be flashdisk,CD,and other data storage media).And sometimes,Autorun menu disturb user by its prompt window which takes some time to appear. Disable Autoplay menu is not that difficult,i will tell you the procedure of disable autoplay menu step-by-step.

::. Procedure

So,let's start disable your Autoplay menu:

  1. Click on start-run-->and type gpedit.msc ;click  OK
  2. Once,you'll see like this: image
  3. Next,you have to focus on the left side panel,locate to this: Local Computer Policy/Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Systems.image
  4. Here in right side panel,find this object:Turn Off Autoplayimage
  5. Double click on it,check Enabled,
  6. Turn off Autoplay on:All drive
  7. Congrats!You're just disable your Autoplay menu

For now and ever,the autoplay menu on your computer has been disabled,so if you try to connect any portable media to your PC,the Autoplay menu won't disturb you anymore.

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