Easy Trick to Speed Up your Google Chrome

If you have know how to speed up Google Chrome with V8 benchmark suites or something like that. I have an easier trick for you to speed up your Google Chrome, this doesn’t need you to download V8 benchmark code or something like that. This trick called startup switch.

To use startup switch : create a new Chrome shortcut on your desktop (or elsewhere). Right-click it and choose Properties. In the Target field, add the switch in question immediately following the path to chrome.exe .

There are a lot Startup Switches that can be activeted when launching Google Chrome, some examples:


For a complete list of Startup switches see here

I got this tips from mygooglechrome.blogspot.com


Working from home said...

Using google chrome after disabling javascript being equal to throwing away the flesh and eating bones. Chrome's speed relying much on its javascript engine and todays web relies mostly on javascript. Disabling java may be a wiser option as it is not frequently used in wep pages as it was in the yester ages.

Unknown said...

which one speeds it up??? <---scratches head confused

Anonymous said...

how if i just wanna play zynga poker..should i just disable all this??

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