The meaning of Easter Sunday

Tomorrow, we as Christian will celebrate Easter. Easter is the day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday becomes the most popular Christians holly day because the meaning behind Easter is so important. Easter means that the Lord came back to life after being crucified in cross to redeem the sins of all of us. In the moment of Easter, we as Christian should be able to reflect our Christianity and spread the love and kindness to others as well as forgiving those who make mistake to us. If you read the NIV bibles, you can actually notice the meaning or the reason why Jesus have to die.

You can read mark 10 until 14. In that part, it is told that Jesus have said to his twelve disciples that He may suffer terrible things and being rejected. Lord Jesus Christ keeps repeating this message to His disciples until the day He was crucified. In Romans 6:23, it is said that the result of sin is eternal death but through God we can actually accept eternal life. As we know, we as human will never be able to avoid sin, therefore Jesus Christ redeem our sin by crucifixion. After we now the real meaning of Easter Sunday, let us spread the kindness to the world as we the children of God has been given eternal life. Celebrating Easter Sunday is not only by going to church and join the Sunday Service but we have to also practice it to the real life.


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