Fossil Jewelry

What is the first thing that comes up in your mind when you hear the word fossil? For most people, fossil is known as ancient remains of animals or plants. People think that fossil is only related to archeologist whose job is to collect important data about past livings or civilizations. But, recently, I come across interesting fact about fossil. Fossil is not only collected by fossil collector for archeology but fossil can also be used for jewelry known as fossil jewelry. I find some interesting and unique fossil jewelry such as T Rex Skull Pendant being displayed on a website for sale.

Most of you must be confused about this new fact; fossil can be used for jewelry. I felt the same way when I first stumbled upon it, but now it makes sense to me that actually people are looking for fossil are those people who really into science and evolution theory. This kind of people will be happy if they could find rare and high quality fossil especially if the fossil is in a jewelry form. If you call yourself a science or evolution addict people, you must have a fossil jewelry. Just make sure that you buy high quality fossil at trusted seller.


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