Less AdSense Ads = More Money

image Less AdSense Ads = More Money. Have u ever heard this theory guys? If you don't you better read through this posting. Recently, i found a theory that by having less AdSense Ads Blocks on your blog/web it will get you more revenue per click. This is not a joke or some kind of crap, but this is a proved theory. So you have to read through this posting to know how to do this simple but clever trick.

Before i explained you all about how the tricks works and how to apply the trick. You should know what factors affecting your AdSense earning. There are some major factor which affect your earning, such as : high paying keyword,CPC(Cost Per Click), and also your keyword density on your posting. If you really want to increase your AdSense earning, the first thing you have to do is choose the high paying keyword that relevant to your topic. Secondly, spread those keyword properly on your posting so Google script can put some high paying ads on your page. But, somehow some people facing some difficulties on determining what the suitable high paying keyword for them. Sometimes they have found the high paying keyword but it doesn't match with their topic, otherwise, they have found the keyword match for their topic, but it has low CPC or Cost Per Click. And if you fed up with these things, now you can learn and instantly try this trick.

::. Less AdSense Ads means More Money

Do you believe the sentence above? If you don't either ask some pro bloggers or try by yourself. I told you that this is not a line of crap, this is real fact in AdSense. I tried to remove my link units, and just focus on my 336×280 AdBlocks. And you know what? my earning increase significantly! And maybe you wonder how it can be happen. Well this is the simple explanation:

The theory is that sites bid for their ads to be placed on contextually relevant web sites with the highest bidders getting the best adsense spots (the higher the better). If you only show 4 ads in 1 block, then adsense will place the highest 4 bidding advertisers in those spaces netting you the highest profit. The more ads you show, the more lower-bidding advertisers show up on your page that when those get clicked, your cpc becomes lower than it could be if they weren’t on your page to begin with.
taken from Janemayblogs.com

You see??

::. My Suggestions

For the better result, you should also use the high paying keyword related to your topic. After that try to spread out those keyword cleverly through your posting. Try this idea by yourself and you will see the result. Good Luck!

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Shawn De Costa said...

Very nice blog.

oDx said...

this is new for me..
thanks for the info.
keep up the good work . :D

PhysioScene said...

This is very interesting.. A lot of people don't know about this but it does seem to be very true. I have two blogs that have adsense content on them, one with 1 ad that earns normally $2.00-$2.50 per click, and the other with 3 ads, that earns $0.25-$0.50 per click. They are different niches though.

mytheory said...

Yes.. you are right buddy! most people don't have any idea about this thing,
less ads more money is true

good luck on Adsense!

Silent Poet Klaus said...

Hmmm. I got it..thanks

keep it up man, you're doing well.

Saamuraai said...

very nice man!!

Blog said...

friend now you yourself using more ad units wyhy?

Doug said...

Great info!
Keep the posts coming!


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