USB Vaccine - The Other Way to Protect your Data Traveler

image "Better preventing than healing" . Have you ever heard that quote? Yes, it is usually said by doctor to keep your body  healthy by preventing all the bacteria comes into your body. It is always better to prevent than to heal. And this quote also valid for the world of computer. It is always better to prevent virus comes into your drive than healing your drive after it crashed by viruses. Therefore i introduce you USB vaccine to keep your data traveler away from virus...

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1. First,download Panda USB vaccine here.
2. copy paste the exe file to your USB drive.
3. Run the exe file pasted in your USB drive and click vaccinate USB button on the bottom

From now your data traveler is protected from viruses :)

Give it  a try!


Branded USB Sticks said...

I have found lot of posts regarding the best solutions for the USB Flash Drives to keep them secure from the viruses. "I really love this quote" Prevention is better than cure.

Character Education Resources said...

I have seen lot of the Virus Protection for USB Flash Drives, But What I think We need to have the Real Education. As I believe in "Prevention is better than cure".

Replica Watches said...

Offcourse "Prevention is better than cure" Be careful of your system from spywares and viruses.

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