Add Windows Right Click Access with Shell Tools

image Right Click button play important role in your computer. For example, if you want to copy paste files, you simply right click on the file you want to copy and select copy. Not only copy paste functionality does The Right click button on your mouse provide, but there are some other important access, such as launching Antivirus program or even display the properties of some files or folder as well. And recently, i found this interesting and pretty useful program that let you add right click functionality in Windows. This one called Shell Tools  ....

Shell Tools is a collection of free Windows shell extensions and utilities. This package contains updated versions of their old shell extensions FontLoader, FileNote, RegisterEx, CopyURL and new ones, including nice control panel that allows you to control all the extensions in one place.

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The first thing you have to do with Shell Tools after you installed it in your computer is to open Shell Tools control panel to enable some functionality you want to add.

These are 5 shell extension modules:

  1. Copy Filename and Filenote – Copy filenames of selected items to the clipboard and allows you to add comments to files by creating text file that has the same name as selected file and opening it for editing in text editor (Notepad or another). If such text file already exists, it will be opened for editing.
  2. Show Hidden Files command in folder background menu. This is a quick way to toggle global Windows Explorer’s Show Hidden Files option, that is otherwise buried deep inside folder options window.
  3. FontLoader – Add Load/Unload/Install/Uninstall commands to context menu of font files (TrueType, OpenType and TrueType Collections supported). Windows Vista UAC is supported.
  4. CopyURL – Copy different information from one or more selected favorites items (internet shortcuts) to the clipboard. You can customize the commands to make up your own copy strings.
  5. RegisterServer – Will add Register Server and Unregister Server commands to context menu of DLL, OCX and EXE files that export DllLoadLibrary and DllUnloadLibrary functions, allowing you to register/unregister COM servers with ease, by right-clicking.

Wanna try?, no need to wait, simply download it here : Shell Tools free download

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