My LockBox - Lock Your Private Data

Do you have any data or files stored on your PC which is very private or so personal for you. But you have no idea about where to save those private data/files on your PC. And if that question hanging around your head for all this time,you should try My LockBox. Free software which is letting you to lock your private data with certain password you have made before,so there is only you who could open those data in the next time. Believe me, it's so simple to lock your private data! Come on try My LockBox?

::. Download

First,you have to download MyLock Box here. and then install it on your PC

::. How it Works

  1. Once you have installed My Lock Box on your PC,automatically it brings you to this:
  2. All you need to do is enter your password,confirm it,and enter  a password hint which will help you to memorize your password when you accidentally forget it.
  3. And next,you should see the interface like this :
  4. Choose where your private folder is gonna be located by clicking browse button besides the textbox.
    *the private folder is a folder which contain all of your data you want to hide,so you have to store your private data on the folder first before going to install My lockbox programs
  5. If you have done so,click next and click next again.Finally click Finish.
  6. And now your private folder is locked,if sometimes you want unlock it,just simply open the Mylockbox program you have installed before,enter the password to log in and simply click the unlock button to allow you to access your data.
  7. Fullfil your privacy with Mylockbox ;give it a try !

Free download MylockBox here.


sheri amor said...

i wanna try it!!

mytheory said...

@ sheri amor
feel free to try it gals...
have a nice experience...!!

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aalil belajar said...

hohoho... keren neh bos... seep deh, nanti saya coba ah,,, keep share

green ijo said...

keren sob... boleh dicoba nih... btw terlindung dari virus/worm nggak ya sob?

azarre said... gadget frenz...!!

Heryan Tony said...

Nice post..

mytheory said...

@green ijo:
it's totally safe and free.

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Nice article.

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That's a great info
thanks for your sharing

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I had a plan to have some system like this but not tried any software yet. After seeing your post, I got interested to the method you introduced and moving to have a look. Thanks

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