How to Hide Desktop Icon for XP

Hey, it's been a long time since ezpctips give you the most useful computer tips. Actually i had to prepare myself to face My final National Exam so i can't do daily posting as usual.But now here I come back, with reliable and useful or even powerful computer tips. and now i will tell you some simple tips that you had to try to customize your desktop. This called hide Desktop Icon

Okay, today i will tell you how to hide your desktop icon; this tips is simple to do, you can easily perform it on your pc or laptop. Maybe some of you wonder why should we hide our desktop icon? Well, sometimes when we had a cool wallpaper hang on our desktop,it's become lack of art when many icons collide with the picture, and that's why we should hide our desktop icon.

clip_image002  clip_image002[5]
              Before                                         After

Hide Desktop Icon is very easy to do, you just need to do a few clicks procedure?

  1. On the blank side of your desktop, right click and select 'Arrange Icons by' submenu
  2. Then click 'Show Desktop Icons' to uncheck the option.

In a few seconds, the desktop should be cleaned as beauty as an artful canvas, and your artful wallpaper won't collide with those iritatting icons. To show the icons, repeat the procedure above.

Hide desktop icon in XP
Hide desktop icon in XP
Hide desktop icon in XP


Anonymous said...

Nice tip here pal! you haven't updated for 2 weeks? How was the exam?

mytheory said...

thx frend..
yea,long time no blogging,it made me feel bad..
my exam was good,but i have to deal w/ another exam on next April 20,
so i'm a lil' bit stealing time to blog here.hehe
once again,thx 4 coming pal!

soff-tis said...

good tips,very simple but I just figure it out after read your tips hahaha,so embarrassing but I admit it.

Kurniadi Bulhani said...

best tric..but im sorry mines is vista,but maybe sometimes i can try it at any pc are xp.sorry your religion? lill personal becouse you english very good...

mytheory said...

@kurniadi Bulhani:
yea..unfortunately this trick can't be done in just works for XP. Maybe next time i will figure out how to customize Vista desktop.
i'm indonesian christian my frenz...
just Bineka tunggal Ika...

Anonymous said...

i have xp and it wont show that option grr what else can i do

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very useful and simple tip. We have to refresh (F5) before the icons disappear/appear

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