Carpet 101 – the history of carpet

Have you ever thought about the history of carpet? Carpet is a very popular textile since the 18th century especially in the United States and some European countries. Because carpet is highly known, most people just take carpet as an ordinary thing, whereas carpet has a very long history. This article will try to explain you a little bit about carpet so you will have good knowledge about carpet and hopefully this one can help you in choosing the right carpet at carpet store.

First important question is: what does the term carpet derive? Interestingly, the word carpet is from old Italian word “carpita”. Carpita is like the noun for carpire which has meaning as to pluck. From this fact, it is obviously clear that carpet is originated from Europe. Before the 18th century, carpet was not commonly used on the floor, instead at that time carpet was popularly used to cover walls or tables. Carpet became widely known since the opening of trade routes between Western Europe and Persia. The huge popularity of carpet at that moment has inspired the stories of magic carpet in Middle East.

The carpet was then also becoming popular in North America as it has function to keep the floor dry and comfortable for feet. That’s why most upscale hotel in America used carpet at that time to keep the cleanliness of the floor. At that time, carpet also became the symbol of luxury. Now, although carpet is not used as a symbol of luxury anymore, carpet is still popularly used in many houses and apartments. The benefits of using carpet over ordinary floor or hardwood floor is the easiness to clean and renew old carpet. The same task will be very difficult and tedious for hardwood floor. That’s why if you are the type of busy person as many people are, carpet is the best choice for your living.


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