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When I bought my new laptop, there are several things made me happy and there are certain things that made me exhausted. What were they? Well, the first thing I was happy since I could buy a laptop with my own money. I bought it with the money I earned via blogging and internet trading so I was proud to share this little story for you. I was also happy because now I have a 4GB of Ram in my own laptop! It works so fast and there no lag every time I do multi tasking (doing multiple activities on one computer at a time).

But, what makes me exhausted? Well, the only thing that made me exhausted with is about the missing drivers. I was unable to find the windows drivers which are needed if I want to play something like music, videos or other multimedia stuffs. There are several missing drivers that I needed like sound drivers, printer drivers and also Ethernet drivers. When I didn’t have those drivers it means that I couldn’t do anything on my laptop. Although I could download those computer drivers on the internet, it still wasted my energy. You don’t have to search on search engine to find compatible computer drivers, just visit driveraccess.com and you’ll any drivers you need.


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