Don’t afraid to quit smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is a very, very bad habit. In every aspect whether from financial aspect, healthiness aspect, psychological aspect, and also social aspect, smoking is a bad habit. First, it will give us many diseases such as heart attack and lungs cancer. Second, it will rip off our money from our pocket. A smoke addicted could spend more than 3 packs of cigarettes per day, could you imagine how much it cost? If this habit keeps continuing, their outflow would be swollen and they can even become broke because simply smoking.

Because of these facts, many people now start to quit smoking. But not few of them failed in the middle of process because they just can leave their nicotine craving. Some other people are afraid to quit smoking before they have tried to quit smoking. They just afraid with the painful treatment they will undergo for months or even years. But, now is the era of technology and science, there are many more efficient way to let go your smoking addiction. You can visit to find many ways to quit smoking. From joining a hypnosis, using Zyban medication, until consume herbal medicine. Don’t afraid to quit smoking, because by quitting smoking, you will have brighter and healthier life.


Winfred said...

It is better to quit smoking to lead a heathier life..It is one of the most common new year resolutions too..

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Winfred said...

It is better to quit smoking to lead a heathier life..It is one of the most common new year resolutions too..

Important phone numbers,

Nanuni Kokoritu said...

Don’t afraid to quit smoking.
Be afraid of Cancer and more.

silver jewelry said...

Chronic Cold Or Something More Serious?
Alright I know that not everyone is a DR. and will be following up with my GP in the next few days.
So the symptoms i have been experiencing are:
Chronic Cough with Phlegm production (Dark Green/brown and on occasion Clear/White with red streaks)
Ear pain in my left ear only
Pain around my adam's apple
Pain in chest on the left and right side of the sternum after coughing
Vomiting In the morning (usually mucous or thick white)
Loosing Voice
Severe congestion
Difficulty swallowing

I get these symptoms 2-3 times a year and they last for 2-3 months as well.
I am a smoker, I smoke about a pack a day but have cut it back to 1 cigarette a day.
These symptoms seem to be getting worse every time I get this 'cold'
I had my tonsils removed when i was younger.
Last time i presented these symptoms to my GP he prescribed antibiotics and cold medicine and neither worked, the antibiotics would make the symptoms more extreme and would also make me sweat a lot more. And yes i took the full course of antibiotics every time they were prescribed.

So i was wondering if its just a chronic cold or something more serious?
Anyone else experience these symptoms?

silver jewelry said...

Why do certain people give you butterflies? What does it mean?
I feel sick when shes not around and she gives me chills and, shes incredible...but...the butterflies?

CD wallets said...

Hi guys , how to be active physically?
I have a question .Whenever I get up in the morning i have to smoke and drink a cup of coffee to feel fresh .If I dont then I spend all the day being lazy and unproductive .Please help me .

Wall dives said...

When we were young a fellow said if we gave him 15 bucks that he would soon return with a lid(oz) of weed or herb, whatever.
That was about 35 years ago
We're still waiting

My guess would be the legal herb is either parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme

You can't be that sheltered as surely good "herb" is readily available

But if it's because you're too paranoid to go out of the house then maybe you should start smoking what's on the spice shelf because you are smoking way too much weed

Mens Health Magazine said...

smoking is very harmful for health.Be afraid of Cancer and more.

carp fishing said...

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