Adding Meta Tags (SEO Part II)

image Mytheory try to find what topic about SEO i want to share with my loyal readers this time. And I got this topic: Adding Meta tags great for your SEO. Yup, we will discuss this topic this time as a part of SEO series which i give to you to help increasing visitors to your blog. I realize that many blogger have already known how exactly adding meta tags. But, i still want to share my knowledge to help newbie blogger. Besides, i will not only tell you the procedure about how to add meta tags to your blog, but i will also reveal the most frequent mistake found when choosing meta tags. So let's go to the case!

::. Introduction

In summary SEO consist of 3 major points :

  1. Title (including meta tags)
  2. Backlinks
  3. Keywords (including meta tags)

You see that meta tags are playing very important role. What is meta tags? Well, meta tags are collection of information which is exist inside HTML code of your blog. The use of meta tags is helping search engine to know what is your blog or web telling about. So, if you have a correct and accurate meta tags stick in your blog you are in way of achieving higher rank on Search Engine Result Position. And it's really good for your traffic!

::. Adding meta tags

  1. First of all, go to
    it helps you compiling HTML code for your meta tags.
  2. Fill the title box with your blog title; example: All computer tips, or Electronic blog
  3. Type your blog description in Description box, and fill the keywords box with your blog keywords.
  4. Click "Create Meta Tags"
  5. Sign in to your blog account. Go to dashboard menu,go to layout and select EditHTML menu.
  6. Copy the meta tags HTML code you have made before and paste it below <title></title> tag
  7. Don't forget to add / (slash) before the last character of each row of your meta tags code. So it should look like this:
  8. Click "Save Template"

::. Give attention !!

There are certain things you should consider when you try to create meta tags:

  1. Title
    When creating your blog title, it should not look like this:
    > Welcome to my blog! or
    > How to make money online and how to get rich in 30 days
    The first title is completely horrible, because it doesn't reflect what the content of your blog
    The second title contains too many characters although it contains many keywords, but we should try the short ones like this:
    > Make money online | Get rich shortly
    title above is the perfect one.
  2. Keywords
    Try as best as possible when you are creating your keywords for your blog. Choose good keywords which reflect the main content of your blog. Once you found the best keywords, sometimes you have to spread the keywords on your posting as i have explained in past posting. If you have not read yet, you can read it here.
  3. Description
    Describe what is your blog telling about. Describe as well as possible to search engine what is the content of your blog.
  4. Consistent!!!
    Once you have added meta tags to your blog, you have to be consistent with those tags. Don't ever think to change it unless your tags is still new. Changing meta tags could make the search engines spiders confused with your page, and it's not good for your blog. So keep consistent!

P.S : don't forget to re-add your meta tags when you change your blog template. The procedure is just the same.

So, i think it's enough for this topic. I hope you are learning something new and usefull from this article. Thanks....

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Chiara said...

Is it possible to add metatags to blogspot blogs?

Chiara said...

Is it possible to add meta tags to blogspot blogs?

SEO Company said...

I agree as title is one of the most important part of any webpage and is important for SEO too.

SEO Company said...

I agree as title is one of the most important part of any webpage and is important for SEO too.

mytheory said...

why not? just read my article above and give it a try... you should feel the change!

mytheory said...

why not? just read my article above and give it a try.. you should feel the difference!

Eric said...

Meta tags are one of the simplest yet most overlooked tools in seo. There are even metatag generators on the internet that will do this for you for free. great post

j_zulay said...

Thanks pal, I'm just starting SEO research in my new blog

j_zulay said...

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Doug said...

excellent information mytheory!

d_johnny said...

Great SEO Tips!!!

A very expository article on Meta Tags.

Good work...

Kevin Quinlan said...

There is a great plugin for SEO that will let you set this stuff with each post -

llenov said...

okay talaga ang meta tags,

kaya lang tip ko lang to, dapat yung tag mo sa title unique duon sa keywords, in other words,

yung keywords mo parang supporting dun sa title

for example if Yung title is Tips on Internet Marketing

siguro you can have keywords like SEO, Blogging, Affiliates

but no too much,

- llenov of

Anonymous said...

Great info thank you--Verusmom

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Sir John said...

I've learned how important it is to keep the meta tags constant as you suggest. A list of my blogs is located at and it is an introduction to all of my blogs.

Johnny Ray

DesiTa said...

Thanks a lot! I just put some meta in my blog here .
I was searching for the right code all over the net, so thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

I need help, I'm trying to block Google search engine to my blog. Though I have closed the blog but the cached still remain viewable. How can I do it? I seriously need a great favor of assistance from you guys.

mytheory said...

@j :
try to do this:
it might help you

Dan said...

Thanks for the info, NoRhino

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. said...

I always forget the / at the end since most of my clients just use html

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How to add Random Meta tag in Classic blogger template

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